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Tianjin Deputy Secretary Huang Xingguo checked office experience Tianjin port explosion – Beijing, according to the Central Commission website news yesterday, deputy secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee, mayor Huang Xingguo alleged serious violation of discipline, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. BYD reporter found the day before by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection notification, Huang Xingguo went to a local high school teachers and students to visit. According to Tianjin media reports, the 9 day morning, the thirty-second teachers’ day, Huang Xingguo, teachers and students to visit Hexi District and attend the Phoenix middle school, excellent teachers on behalf of Tianjin city forum. According to the official record, Huang Xingguo was born in October 1954, Zhejiang Xiangshan people, in 1998 as the Zhejiang Provincial Committee and party secretary of Ningbo, in 2003 was transferred to Tianjin city served as Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee, vice mayor, and has served in Tianjin until December 2014, was promoted to Deputy Secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee, mayor of Tianjin Municipal People’s government, the leadership of the overall work, in charge of finance the audit work. Huang Xingguo Ren experienced Tianjin port "8 – 12" special fire and explosion accident. In August 12, 2015, Tianjin city is located in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin port Ruihai International Logistics Co., dangerous goods warehouse fire explosion accidents, killing 165 people were killed and 8 people missing, 798 people were injured. After the accident, Huang Xingguo had appeared conference. In February this year, the State Council investigation team found that Tianjin port "8? 12" Ruihai company of dangerous goods warehouse fire explosion accident is especially serious production safety accidents. According to the State Council investigation team survey report shows that by December 10, 2015, the accident has been approved direct economic losses of up to 6 billion 866 million yuan. In March this year the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of Tianjin delegation meeting, Huang Xingguo once again responded: explosion explosion accident is a very good teacher, will seriously reflect on how to make the best of a bad job. According to public reports, since eighteen, Huang Xingguo stressed that "the spirit of reform and innovation to pay close attention to the construction of the government’s anti-corruption agency, the Tianjin municipal Party committee secretary, has repeatedly said" around the anti-corruption struggle to strengthen the power of supervision and deployment". Text newspaper reporter Yue Feifei相关的主题文章: