To build a global partnership of cooperation and win-win kimi wo omou melodi

Work together to build a win-win cooperation partnership in the new global network – the original title: jointly build a win-win cooperation and global partnership (G20? Construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy) "in the economic globalization today, no isolated island. As the residents of the global village, we want to establish a sense of community of human destiny." President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the group of twenty (G20) business summit, called for the construction of a global partnership of cooperation and win-win, in order to promote the recovery and growth of the world economy. The spirit of partnership is the G20’s most valuable asset, but also the choice of countries to jointly respond to global challenges. Chinese calls for G20 to promote cooperation and win-win spirit of partnership and pull together in times of trouble, conform to the trend of the times, won high recognition of the international community. Build a community of destiny, to deal with the problem in the development of international world pull together in times of trouble after the outbreak of financial crisis 8 years ago, G20 stepped in, go to the front to back to the global economic governance, stability and recovery of the world economy is to track the cliff. The spirit of partnership has become the most valuable asset of G20, and has become a wise choice for all countries to jointly cope with global challenges. 8 years later, in the face of the new challenges of the world economic recovery is slow, unstable and uncertain factors, the world needs to strengthen the sense of community. Gusev, a senior researcher at the University of International Relations, Moscow, told reporters that the fate of the community is very correct, consistent with the requirements of the times proposition. Today, many regions of the world, such as conflicts and terrorism, threaten human security and seriously undermine economic development. In the context of economic globalization, the impact of unfavorable factors in individual regions will not be limited to one domain, but will spread to many countries and even the world. Only by establishing a sense of community and concerted efforts can we overcome these challenges. "In the economic globalization today, no isolated island, between country and country" partnership "," heating ", should not go. In fact, left the partnership, individual countries are difficult to succeed." Roger, Professor of international relations at Cardiff University, said in an interview with this reporter. Lone fast, all the lines away. Tanzania international experts Jafar? Muyasili told reporters that in the economic globalization, countries need to work together to create a fair and equitable global partnership, to avoid international conflicts, dealing with all kinds of major global issues. South of Pakistan science and Technology Institute of information technology to promote the Sustainable Development Commission Director of research center of China tinville? Jia Fuli said in an interview with this reporter, all of the countries in the world are facing the fight against terrorism, climate change and improvement of global financial governance challenges. Everyone should be aware of, is not isolated in today’s development background, to really establish the community awareness of human destiny, and work together to carry out cooperation, jointly overcome the world faces in the process of the development of politics, economy, energy and other issues. Carry forward the spirit of partnership, strengthening pragmatic cooperation in various fields in the China foundation successor of the G20 presidency on the occasion, President Xi Jinping stated the current international economic cooperation)相关的主题文章: