Today, the highest temperature is only 17 degrees of heavy rain Changsha Provincial Meteorological

Today, the highest temperature is only 17 degrees Celsius Changsha heavy rain storm the Provincial Meteorological Bureau launched emergency response grade command Changsha evening news (reporter Peng Fang Intern Han Wei) yesterday morning, was returning to the wind brought coolness, sudden change of weather so many women wearing short skirts out of the beautiful "freeze". The cold air and the typhoon "catfish" joint shot, pulling the temperature down quickly, the gloomy weather, temperatures around 22 degrees centigrade to 23 degrees centigrade. Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicted yesterday to tomorrow, affected by the typhoon cloud and cold air, the clouds increased, the wind increased, precipitation occurred, which last night to this as the main period of rainfall, local heavy rain in eastern and southern Hunan, eastern Hunan local wind gust 7. 16 pm yesterday, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau launched a rainstorm in eastern and southern Hunan area (typhoon) command meteorological disaster emergency response grade. Deputy director of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau reminded Pan Zhixiang, this process will be the flood season this year, ending the war, related to the city meteorological department must remain vigilant, focus on the geological disasters, small rivers flood and waterlogging in the city, the reservoir safety focus on defense, prevent the adverse effects of local heavy rainfall could cause. Yesterday afternoon, the City Meteorological Bureau issued a strong blue warning signal. Is expected today, Changsha will usher in a heavy rain, the 6 level, the highest temperature of only 17 degrees; Tomorrow rain weakened, the temperature is still in the doldrums. Influence of national weather "catfish" will close tomorrow, the National Day holiday will not continue to stir up trouble. It is expected that in October 1st, the south of Hunan moderate rain showers elsewhere; 2 to 4, eastern Hunan, Hunan showers and more rain, other areas in cloudy weather. Weather is expected in October 1st to 3, Changsha the weather is cloudy, with occasional showers, temperatures rose; 4 to 6, mainly cloudy weather, the highest temperature gradually rose to 30 degrees, which may have fog in the morning of the 4 day.相关的主题文章: