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Domain-Names When you transfer domain names to yourself, you can consolidate all of the domain names with one domain registrar making it easily manageable. When you transfer domain names from another registrar, you do not waste any time on your domain registration that has already been paid to the other registrar. if you are doinga domain name transfer from someone who is selling you the domain, make sure that they actually own it. You can find this out by doing a whois on the domain name to find out who is the registrant or owner. Then you can try and contact them using the information listed. You should also be sure that the person who is transferring the domain to you can be trusted and is in full control of the domain. You can check this by seeing if they can unlock and prepare the domain that is being transferred to you. If they do not own that domain, then they cannot unlock it. Transferring domain names includes several steps from the current registrar to the new one. You should contact both the registrars so that they are sure of the domain name transfer process. You should also know that a domain that is within the first 60 days of initial domain name registration cannot be transferred. If the domain name has been earlier transferred within the forst 60 days, then it cannot be transferred again. Some other important points that may not allow you to do a domain transfer are: 1. The current owner is involved in a ‘Uniform Domain-Name Resolution Policy’ (UDRP) dispute. 2. The current owner is not the true owner of the domain. 3. The owner has not paid the current registrar for the domain. 4. The current owner has not allowed the registration of the domain name to expire or lapse. 5. The domain to be transferred has been locked by the current owner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: