Trump had sent to Taiwan consultant KMT senior Cai Yingwen made up a lie – Sohu news 97179

Trump had sent to Taiwan consultant? Cai Yingwen, a senior official of the Communist Party of China to fabricate lies – Sohu news, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the results of the U.S. presidential election has been announced. The Taiwan authorities foreign department head Li Dawei Trump a few weeks ago had sent an important adviser Taiwan Camp, met with Cai Yingwen, Cai office confirmed the source for the Heritage Foundation founder Edwin feulner. In this regard, Cai Zhengyuan 10 evening at Facebook said, Cai Yingwen and Li Dawei actually lies and said Trump in October to see Cai Yingwen Paifo ne. He pointed out that the Buddha ne Republican Heritage Foundation’s former president, will be Taiwan for the Heritage Foundation fundraising year; Cai Li, Bafo ne series representative by Trump, "it is the history of the most shameless". For the beginning of Cai Yingwen sent three pigs to Hilary, was accused of wrong treasure". Cai Zhengyuan also irony Cai big trouble". Cai Zhengyuan said, the way Cai Yingwen supported Hilary, not only wrote the "Three Little Pigs" card to the United States Hilary cheer, also called Hilary, to help raise money, "Trump is the other person, when President Cai Yingwen had suffered a".相关的主题文章: