Trump wins not too pessimistic about globalization

Trump: you don’t have to win too pessimistic. The globalization cast (director of the world political research center of the China Foreign Affairs University) the election results just released, is surprising, many people are not optimistic about the Trump, has won a great victory. Just can already be seen in some media, expert analysis, had been so good for Hilary, the Trump look so bad, a big reason is that people’s eyes are being lured away by the mainstream media attention; non mainstream media and from the media, will find Trump support where the rate is quite high in this field, many voices are looking forward to Sichuan Puneng lead America out of the present predicament. This is a very interesting phenomenon, the mainstream media not to hear the voice of the majority of silence, has successfully completed his counter attack. This counter attack results, is a fresh example of nationalism tide in recent years around the world anti globalization. It is interesting to note that this round of anti globalization will be different from the past. The main anti globalization in Latin America, since last year left force declined, but the right-wing regime have power, significantly more positive attitudes towards globalization; and the globalization of the main promoters of the developed countries, but in the past few years have begun showing a trend of anti globalization. Such a situation, it is a very important element of globalization, the impact of the distribution of the political issues, the historical analysis of such effects will help us understand the current. Globalization is not only started in recent years, but the beginning of the great geographical discovery, the development of ocean trade brought about by Marx said the "world market", the process of globalization vigorously launched. In this process, the western countries have completed the primitive accumulation of capital through the triangular trade, and finally the industrial revolution, which in one fell swoop to the highest position in the world. The industrial revolution has made human beings obtain the economic development speed that they have never dreamed of before, the human wealth has increased greatly, the social structure has changed dramatically, and the western world has changed from an agricultural society to an industrial society. In this process, the problem of the distribution of the wealth that comes from rolling has become a serious political problem. In a traditional agricultural society, the distribution of wealth is not equal, but the wealth of nobility, its wealth attached to many social obligations, so the poor can share the benefits of social wealth, does not have the tear. But the industrial society, the modern legal sense of property rights established, property attached to social obligations have been stripped, the poor lost opportunities to share wealth can be obtained in the past time, the society began to produce class antagonism, serious to some extent, will go to social revolution the point. The idea of socialism emerges in such a process. However, the problem of distribution in the western society was not solved by the socialist movement in the nineteenth Century. This is the basis of economic development of technological innovation, the industrial revolution, which makes the efficiency of economic development becomes higher, and the ability of Western world conquest has therefore become stronger, let the West have more wealth for internal distribution. The main distribution of wealth相关的主题文章: