Tsinghua professor of 14 million 90 thousand originally invested here cibi

Tsinghua professor to 14 million 90 thousand original here original title: Professor of Tsinghua one thousand original here to millions of Internet era, "rich spiritual food" bonus, but also the social perception of suffering sudden alienation. Not long ago, a Tsinghua Professor cheated about 17000000. The news came out, a lot of people are not concerned about telecommunications fraud itself, but why Tsinghua University so rich and his money come from? Today is teacher’s day. We also introduce a professor of Qinghua University, about 10000000. Overnight, these about 10000000 are given to others. He is a multimillionaire, but put a $1 Chemical fiber sweater for more than ten years. He knows is numbered, lives in the last time launched a love relay. He is Professor Zhao Jiahe of Tsinghua University. 4 years after the death of Zhao Jiahe, his story spread like wildfire. People in the deep shock, recalling his story, but also in the infinite miss, follow his footsteps. The last sunset and the first morning light, is the world one day in March 2011, Zhao suddenly found and administered by the Institute of Tsinghua University and former party secretary Chen Zhangwu, gave him a secret career "- his life savings of 14 million 90 thousand yuan of assets in the form of entrusted management, planning for the establishment of" Gansu Xinghua teenagers student fund". These 14 million 90 thousand, from Zhao and $about 200000 investment. In 1998, Shenzhen to lecture Zhao Jiahe encounter is the founder of investment company Liu Xun. "He offered to take some money to give us a try, we feel the pressure is very big, he is a teacher, is a senior, all retired, give us the money?" Liu Xun said. Since then, Zhao Jiahe put about $200 thousand to call Liu Xun, and has continued to add some, sometimes thousands of yuan, sometimes thousands of dollars, he is outside the lecture service charges or for consulting and advisory fees. Until 2005, Liu Xun told him the money "and turned over and over, to about 5000000 yuan, and Zhao was simply on the phone said:" well, you can do something." Liu Xun did not expect, Zhao teacher to do is to help poor students in high school. In 2006, Zhao Jiahe’s first aid sent from Beijing. Since then, many students in Jiangxi, Hubei, Jilin, Gansu and other places to embark on the road to school. However, the fate of people! 2009, Zhao Jiahe was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, cancer cells have been transferred to the spine and brain. Liu Xun and a few informed sources, fortunately, there is still a good teacher Zhao can cure, he put forward to put all the savings to set up a foundation. 17:30 on July 22, 2012, Zhao and go. According to his will in his lifetime, the remains donated for research use. That night, the Union Hospital follow the Convention, held a simple ceremony to accept the remains. No wreath surrounded, no black white chrysanthemum, just the words reflected in the hall of words on a screen, from the moment in the heart: "the last farewell die and the first birth, life is inevitable; the last sunset and the first dawn, is the light of human." Born in the campus, long in the campus, teaching and educating people is his life, "he was born on campus, long in the campus, teaching.相关的主题文章: