Turning Messi or Ronaldo victory Come of age – or a hundred flowers contend in beauty sports Sohu-segotep

Messi emancipated or C Ronaldo victory? Come of age – or a hundred flowers contend in beauty sports Sohu since 2010, "the French soccer" and FIFA cooperation, former European Footballer and the World Footballer into an award is the only award. From since the merger only C Ronaldo and Messi won the award, not only let other players cold heart, for the fans is a kind of aesthetic fatigue, maybe the fans are more willing to see is C Ronaldo, Messi besides people award. In this year’s performance, C Ronaldo to the top scorer in the Champions League, UEFA Champions League, European Cup, where people think this Messi will certainly defeat array, other players are unable to contend with C Ronaldo, so early the Golden Globe award went to C Luo name. But today, the French football has announced a message that they will no longer cooperate with FIFA, and they have to re issued their own golden ball selection, the rules will be announced next week. Two be made one award is divided into two new awards, is representing Messi this year the opportunity to stand up? In fact, this is hard to say, after all, Messi La Liga title and C Ronaldo honor than far, is likely to be C in order to achieve victory won two awards. But it is hard to say, after all, the new rules have not been announced. Perhaps this time the twins of the end of the era of time is coming, the football world will usher in the era of a hundred flowers contend in beauty!相关的主题文章: