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Twins Shanghai concert: there is a warm blood has a nostalgic Sina entertainment news September 24th TWINS LOL World Tour landing Shanghai Mercedes Benz center. The five layer is the stadium a pink sea flooded, TWINS LOL support sticks as the wave flash like shaking, a wave after wave, send sent tens of thousands of viewers back to the three summer vacation, full of memories of the little girl innocent and lovely embrace the light of heart from care. Women’s power to grow MAX in addition to youth, in addition to smile, TWINS this time with a LOL concert to sing the card, what is called girls! From the simple to grow up, from the grateful tears, from GAME to TWINS in the arena of favorite songs, Gemini will step by step pink forces pushed into the MAX! Dressed in colorful cloak TWINS jumped on the stage in the long-awaited and scream for a moment, the audience eyes 15 years ago the ancient spirit demon debuted their youth time, like the girl with pink blush. Sweet and lively opening song, the concert play from human "GAME" prelude, background changing, electronic arena one by one, O Sa and the incarnation of A Jiao sports girl, in a boxing match under the command of DJ, while skipping basketball field "men know not hit the board." in the "Defense", calling two football players carrying a Sa and A Jiao on the stage constantly bumping against youth, hormone. The audience is completely out of expectation, the production team should use the lifting platform and the big screen in the GAMES section of the TWINS stage, students in the fog the sky to create a piece of blue sky and the world know the sorrow of girlhood, a Macarons pink inflatable floating plate and a buoy fluttering in the sea empty, two girls on the surf skateboard sing. With a PART gradually, the girl grew up, the woman with the clothing gradually, two petal skirt yarn was singing in the TWINS "lost," thank you "love" and "red eye" and other classic songs when combined with the inflatable wings, TWINS becomes a double butterfly plate on the lifting platform, never know what the girl suffering metamorphosis, understand the pain of love, know how to support the importance of love and friendship in the biggest reason together. The climax in the second half of the "drinking song", a spiral lamp array heavily built, TWINS two people standing on the platform as the Milky Way around the star goddess, they end with light mature attitude to relive the classic "kite and wind", "I really want to love him", "next days, arouse the audience stand up Youth Chorus," he, you and me. "The girl is Biao to MAX. The new song singles in the early concert at the beginning, TWINS stressed that he has prepared a lot of different things to ShangHai Railway Station scene. Until the Britney, two people especially pointed out that the ShangHai Railway Station Mandarin arrangement part, "small dimple", "Starlight amusement park", "we" and "you are brave" these first few concert stations have some Mandarin songs, Shanghai fans send intimate. )相关的主题文章: