Tzengtsu, when meeting the tourism Sohu delicacy k-boxing

Tzengtsu, when meeting the delicacy Sohu tourism literature is the city of Xiamen name card, hurried footsteps on the island, will not consciously slow down, stay bursts have become so behoove, take a step and surprise encounter slow down, do one day the young artists in this a sea garden! Tzengtsu is one of the representatives of Xiamen, where you can satisfy your taste buds and a literary heart. Relative to the crowded Gulangyu Islet and the Zhongshan Road pedestrian street, it is more quiet here, and here is the most beautiful and most of China’s literary and artistic streets. But when it comes to tzengtsu previously estimated, a lot of people do not know. In fact, tzengtsu is originally a small fishing village. For now, tzengtsu whether it is day or night there are crowds, many people come here to taste make light of travelling a thousand li attractive delicacy, also have special line for its fresh art. Walk at tzengtsu street, basically only heard the road on both sides of the peddlers loudly to attract guests. Tzengtsu like Gulangyu Islet, is a place for tourists to Xiamen will. Every street has its history and its story. The delicacy and the store a superb collection of beautiful things in every street of the majority. Of course, the best time to walk in the custody of their valuables or particularly important. Fried, steamed, braised, at tzengtsu not what you want to. If it comes to the city of literature and art, we must think of Xiamen. Either Gulangyu Islet or tzengtsu, or Zhongshan Road, every place is full of fresh art fan. Each store to store items in either display from the name, are very carefully. In fact, many people have for many biological clock CuO an has changed a lot, I woke up at night is The sun is three poles high., before going to bed at two or three a.m.. So walk here must be slow, you can enjoy the shop owner in each boutique boutique shelves items. Sometimes even my big boy will be attracted by some beautiful jewelry. A bunch of flowers, a literary and art store, you can have a good mood all day. At tzengtsu apart from the fresh store, then have to mention is the variety of delicacy here. From both sides of the street entrance, the basic is the delicacy together, are suitable for light taste groups also have seafood, taste of Chongqing Hot and Sour Rice Noodles. You don’t need to eat staple food here, just eat these snacks will make you eat. Fried, steamed, braised, various flavors of delicacy, absolutely let tzengtsu become Xiamen delicacy together, including when I first came to Xiamen Check Inn Hotel, the hotel front desk staff is said to me: if you want to eat Xiamen delicacy, it must go tzengtsu. Fragrance overflowing pig, slobber with wood? This food is a feature of Xiamen, did not eat a small partner at the first sight of a little curious, if I heard that the middle of the ingredients is something, it is estimated that many people will shake their heads away. And I won’t give you the middle of the food is worm, what, you don’t know what is the problem? Well, go and ask Baidu. But saying相关的主题文章: