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U.S. media claimed that F35 broke the "anti intervention strategy": fear of information map of the U.S. F35 fighter China: original title: America Media: F35 fighters can break the anti intervention strategy China should fear the U.S. "national interest" website published in September 12th entitled "why Russia, Iran and Chinese should be afraid of US Marines F-35 stealth fighter" the article said, the United States Marine Corps said it will begin with the U.S. Navy fighter fire control network model of its F-35B stealth fast compatibility testing. If the test is successful and into combat use, then the Marine Corps F-35 basically can be used as a replacement for the Navy E-2 AWACS, fast, equipped with weapons, radar can be avoided. Marine Corps Command in September 1st, F-35B’s latest test briefing, inadvertently announced the test task. Edwards Air Force Base Marine Corps operational test and evaluation of 1 squadrons of F-35B detachment, recently completed the AIM-120 air to air missile test. The Marine Corps Command says the next step is to test the compatibility of F-35B with the Navy’s integrated fire control air defense system. The Navy said earlier, September at the White Sands Missile Range Test of naval air defense system integrated fire control in New Mexico. The test includes F-35B fighter for the land-based "standard" -6 missile even found the target. The article said that although the Navy outside the circle of people who know very little, but the Navy integrated fire control air defense system can be said to be one of the most important u.s.. The Navy integrated fire control and air defense system is essentially a network architecture that integrates multiple sensors, data links, and ammunition. For example, the Navy’s integrated fire control air defense system allows the aircraft to pass the target parameters to the "standard" -6 missile. The standard "-6" is a 22 foot (about 0.3 ft) missile, which combines the two stage rocket booster with the AIM-120 missile seeker. The navy has yet to announce the maximum range of the "standard" -6, but the maximum shot is 250 miles (about 1 miles or about 1.6 kilometers). The navy has indeed claimed that in 2014, a "standard" -6 sea test, the history of the longest range of sea to air shooting. In any case, the standard -6 missile range is obviously more visible than the warships sensor. However, if a plane in front of the ship far away from the target track, it can help the standard -6 missile to complete the maximum range of attacks. Navy integrated fire control air defense system from 2013 began to enter the first line. At present, the Navy integrated fire control air defense system is the application of the standard "-6" missile destroyer and the Navy’s E-2D early warning aircraft integration. But in the service E-2D small number of aircraft. The Navy hopes to add more aircraft and ammunition types to the Navy’s integrated fire control air defense system. The article said that if the upcoming F-35B joint naval air defense integrated fire control system test proved to be very fruitful, so maybe in the future war, F-35B from the Navy’s amphibious assault ship even took off from the British aircraft carrier or land base, quietly infiltrated into the enemy’s air defense system.相关的主题文章: