U.S. presidential election TV debate will be the first round of Hilary poll ahead of Trump – Sohu ne xhero

The United States presidential election first televised debate polls ahead of Trump Hilary at the Sohu news Beijing September 24, according to foreign media reports, the United States 26 days this month will be held the first presidential candidate debate, according to CNN (CNN) reported that the latest poll results show that Democratic presidential candidate Hilary leading Republican rival Trump 6%. According to the McClatchy – Marius Te (McClatchy-Marist) published in the poll, 4 candidates are in the case, there are 45% likely voters support Hilary, Trump was 39%; the other two candidates, the Liberal Party presidential nominee Jonson (Gary Johnson) and the Green Party presidential nominee Stan (Jill Stein), then respectively 10% and 4% of the vote. In addition, the United States, the Wall Street journal and National Broadcasting Co (NBC News) Zhou Min tune also shows that the 43% rate of support for the rate of support, the lead in the number of the top 37% of the world’s largest city in the United States, the of the world. The latest polls show that African Americans still overwhelmingly endorsed Hilary, 93% would vote for Hilary, only 3% to Trump; Hilary also won the favor of Latino voters, 74% in support of Hilary, Trump was only 16%. The report also pointed out that in popularity, Hilary and Trump are still not happy, there are more than 40% voters favor of the other, the other, the choice of the 37%, Mr. Trump.相关的主题文章: