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Upstairs tenants heart good hanging! 1 downstairs bearing wall walls knocked 4 openings – Beijing recently in Ziyang City, a residential building on the ground floor of two stores in the wall bearing wall door hole, one wall was knocked 4 openings, a total length of more than half of the length of the wall. To this end, the upstairs tenants on the store tenants will be free to express dissatisfaction with the destruction of the wall, and worry about the housing security risks. 29 at noon, the Chengdu Daily reporter in Ziyang City Binhe Road find tenants reflect the stores, stores in residential building of 7 floors, the ground floor of the store. Reporters noted that the 3 stores were railed, had to stop construction, of which 2 block load-bearing walls still have 1 door, 4 door has been blocked. Residents said, in August 25th, on the first floor store renovation began, the small excavator approach out of the wall tile. The 26 day, they found 3 stores between the 2 bearing wall wall has 6 openings. The two door is originally opened, the new tenants knocked again 4 openings, one block walls up to 4 openings. "A wall length of 9.83 meters, 4 openings respectively 2.2 meters long, 1.2 meters, 0.9 meters and 0.9 meters, equivalent to more than half of the wall hit." Residents say, the residential building for the masonry structure, the floor for precast concrete panels, they worry that walls were free to open the door, bring hidden trouble to the upstairs tenants. 3 tenants in the store, Mr. Liu introduced, he rented the 3 stores, is to operate catering. "The landlord told me I should be able to fight." Mr. Xian said, upstairs tenants reflect, he let the workers to repair 4 temporary brick wall is added immediately. Destruction of the load-bearing wall is not true, at the moment we have stopped working, and other qualified design institute after the reinforcement of the maintenance program, we then carry out maintenance and reinforcement." Ziyang City Housing Security Bureau responsible person, the housing wall has a corresponding function, optional wall potential security risks. The official said, the need to change the structure of the housing interior decoration, should find qualified design units for the design, approval by the housing authority before the construction. The official also said that residents can directly to the housing management department or the city Department to reflect, after receiving the report, the relevant departments will be present for processing. If there are security risks, will be ordered to restore its original to ensure the safety of housing." Ziyang urban construction monitoring detachment responsible person also said that in view of this situation, the city will be issued under the supervision of the Ministry of work stoppage notice, ordered its deadline to restore the original. Chengdu Daily reporter Yao Yongzhong original title: a bearing wall struck 4 door upstairs tenants hanging heart!相关的主题文章: