Very little Yang Yang smiled, mobile phone users dial was switched on

"Very little" Yang Yang smiled, mobile phone users dial was connected according to Taiwan media news, the TV version of "smile" recently hit very little. The story of Yang Yang, played by actor revealed to Zheng Shuang’s mobile phone number in the heroine’s picture, the audience was rushed to copy down the test fight, did not think of "one" has received! Yang Yang in the "smile" in the play information engineering department senior "Xiao Nai", in addition to Curve Wrecker identity, or network game master "dominate the first server a smile what then, secretly go Zheng Shuang’s sophomore" Bei slightly". In order to meet him about the actress, active at a mobile phone number "13585904041", in fact this picture only flashed, the users did not pass rushed down, many people have heard his voice "Hello, I can’t answer the phone right now, you can write my telephone number is WeChat, WeChat……." Netizens exclaimed "Yang Yang this subwoofer crisp burst I", "cast industry conscience", "I’m really crazy made the call". Others find a broadcast sounded the voice from the other side, in fact, is turned on before the bell service, friends learned that broadcast heard idol subwoofer welfare turns phone with friends, and message advertisement, into TV series accidental explosion of red focus. Source: Phoenix information   Editor: MI Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: