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Sports-and-Recreation Car alarm systems ensure protection of the car. However, the extent of protection provided largely depends on the brand that you choose and in this regard, viper car alarm is one of the best in the business. The features that are offered with this system, makes it easy to use, effective and highly function. The car alarm system comes with remote starter and the entire security set consists of door sensors, shock sensors and started kill. The remote control is provided with LCD screen that intimates you all that takes place with your car such as open door and running engine. So, if there is an attempt to sabotage the vehicle, you can take immediate action. The reliability of viper car alarm systems has won the brand several awards. In terms of ability to customize, Viper car alarm systems are right at the top of the list. You have more leverage to monitor and control the car in a very efficient manner. The best feature of the viper car alarm system is the remote control. It is an excellent piece of artificial intelligence that comes with rechargeable battery and can be recharged from any sort of USB port. You also get a spare remote control, such that if the original one is damaged and becomes unusable you are not left clueless. Although there are several other brands, Viper car alarm systems are rated among the best. To take the security of your car ahead by several notches, viper car alarm systems come with shock sensors. These sensors are equipped to sense towing and jacking. Most of thefts these days take place by jacking up the car and towing it or damaging the locking system. Shock absorbers provide extra protection to the car by intimating you about these activities as well. However, the alarms are not silent nor is there a vibration only mode. Beeps are used for intimating the owner and the beep volume can be adjusted. There is another very useful and interesting feature about viper car alarm systems. Your cell phone can be programmed to work as the remote control. However, the setting and programming with cost you a bit of extra money. The charge is still worth it because you do not have to handle multiple electronic gadgets. Adding to the functionality and comprehensiveness of viper car alarm systems is the remote start feature. Using this feature, which can be enabled through the remote control, you can switch on the cooling and heating systems in the car before you get into it. So, the car is ready for you when you enter. This feature enhances comfort of the passengers of the car. Remote control can also be used for keyless entry into the car. You can open the trunk of your vehicle using the remote control. In all, the remote can be used for two dozen different operations. Also, since only four controls are provided on the remote, there is no confusion about the operations and usage is easy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: