Visit hidden in the city of Beijing residents said the celebrities has become decrepit

Visit hidden in the city of Beijing residents said the celebrities has become decrepit original title: visit the "Beijing celebrities protection hidden in the city" the road of how to walk on the wall the former residence of Tian Han to write a "non hospital open unit visit". Shangguan photo Beijing, Beijing, September 21, (Shangguan) founding general Liu Yalou house demolitions, Qingdao added 22 celebrities will be listed on the protection…… Over the years, the former residence of celebrities has become a hot word. As a famous historical and cultural city, Beijing has a lot of celebrities. Recently, the reporter visited a few celebrities in the city’s former residence, a look at the status quo. During the interview, the reporter found that some of the former residences of celebrities is not very ideal. Tian Han’s visit to nearby residents that has become decrepit came to Beijing Xiguan, to see the former residence of Tian Han the main gate on the color already mottled. That year, Tian Han lived in the small courtyard for 15 years, the creation of the drama "Guan Hanqing" outstanding productions. 1986, was announced as the Dongcheng District heritage conservation unit. Reporters saw the wall as well as non open units declined to visit the words. Along the former residence of the half open door and looked inside the right side of the road is bumpy, piled bags, cardboard boxes and other debris, a cabin door locked, the end of the passage is stacked with a small wardrobe. "There’s nothing in it. Only a few old houses, basically a courtyard." A nearby resident told reporters, did not see any repair move. Qi Baishi’s former residence, located in a hutong. Shangguan photo of Qi Baishi’s former residence and no one should knock in mottled lonely near Financial Street, kuache Lane No. 13, Qi Baishi’s former residence in the small courtyard around the silhouetted edifice, particularly liaoluo. The gate is covered with weeds, part of the wall next to the walls, bumpy, also threw a broken sofa. According to the "Beijing courtyard Chi" records, in the winter of 1926, Qi Baishi purchased this hospital, with the end of the move. In 1955, he had moved into the new house (in the hutong), but soon moved back to kuache lane. In 1984, the former residence of Qi Baishi was announced as the Beijing cultural relics protection unit. "It was broken in the yard, and there were only two old ladies. I heard it was Mr. Qi Baishi’s family." A person who had entered the hospital told reporters to show the photos taken at the time, the tap next to the pile of garbage". Reporters came to the door three times, but did not get a response. The former residence of the two-dimensional code scanning repeatedly unsuccessful in the course of the visit, the reporter saw, the former residence of the heritage protection signs are generally equipped with a two-dimensional code, and some also note that pat more exciting and so on. But reporters repeatedly tried, did not sweep code success. Beijing Tan Sitong former residence of the cultural relics of the two-dimensional code on the sign. Shangguan photo in the Tian Han house. A work in the vicinity of the workers said with a smile, his curiosity had earlier with this kind of mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code, but is not swept, once the page also shows the invalid, "originally wanted to see if you can have a brief introduction to the history of what". Similarly, the reporter in the former residence of Tan Sitong, scanning the cultural heritage of the two-dimensional code 8相关的主题文章: