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Wang Yi met in the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea smile in Japan reached a consensus – the Sohu Military Channel in August 24, 2016, Japan and Tokyo, the eighth trilateral foreign ministers held in Tokyo of japan. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio and South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi attended. The Eighth China Japan ROK foreign ministers will be held in Tokyo of Japan in August 24th. Japan’s NNN television reported, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio, the media show a smile. The famous Japanese expert, Professor of history at the Fudan University, Feng Wei told the surging news (), symbol and mark Wang Yi expression is Chinese Minister of foreign policy, the Chinese hopes to ease the Sino Japanese relations. Japan also wants to improve the current Sino Japanese relations, the Japanese investment in China, the same as the Japanese economy. But also need to pay close attention to the United States and other external factors."     Wang Yi, the participants in the clear, China believes that the foreign ministers will create a favorable atmosphere for the beginning of the September summit of the group of twenty Hangzhou, but also to pave the way for early September the upcoming summit of East Asian cooperation. In Japan all hope to improve the present relationship according to Japan’s ANN television reported on 24, Wang Yi in an interview in Tokyo arrived at Haneda airport after said: "some aspects of recent reports, half of the fishing season, half is speculation." He said that China and Japan should promote the process of improvement. Since this month, the Japanese protests China official boat activities in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands, the Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio even warned that the Sino Japanese relations "is significantly worse". China while emphasizing the legitimacy of the Diaoyu Islands, said the need for seasonal fishing. ANN television reported that, at the dinner party on the 23 day, there was a scene of Foreign Minister Wang Yi smiled and talked with Kishida Fumio. After dinner, two people talked about about 1 hours. In the 24 days before the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea will be held, Wang Yi also met with the newly elected Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Nikai Junhiro, who is the famous "China knows who sent". Hello everyone, oh, no, it should be good morning?" According to Japan’s FNN television reported that Wang Yi met with the two step in the Japanese greeting, the order of two said: we are very welcome foreign minister wang." Japan’s NNN television reported that Wang Yi and Chinese foreign minister held talks with Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue, said in, basically restored to normal state. Through the efforts of both sides, we must control the bifurcation points around the ocean". The two sides on the day as soon as possible to establish a liaison mechanism to reach a consensus on the sea. NNN television reported that after the end of the talks, Wang Yi showed a smile to the media. Feng Wei, a famous Japanese expert and professor of history at Fudan University, told the surging news that the expression of minister of foreign affairs of China was the symbol and mark of China’s foreign policy, which means that China hopes to ease the relationship between China and Japan in. Japan also hopes to improve the current relationship, the decline in Japanese investment in China, the same negative impact on the Japanese economy. But also need to pay close attention to the United States and other external factors." Feng Wei said. Peace and cooperation".相关的主题文章: