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Ridicule "eat babies", Wang: lose weight eat children Sina entertainment news earlier, Wang, [micro-blog] aired their children and photo in the photo at micro-blog, Wang, exaggerated mouth, baby face is panic like, so as to be "creative" netizens "king, eat children" Terrier, a be network joke. In the 29 season broadcast network drama "ghost blows a thing" for the first time Makino media to visit the scene, Wang praised the crew, chowhound meals, one side of Wang Yuexin [micro-blog] has dished out the "eat babies" stems, attracted the king smiled and said: "the way to lose weight is to eat less then my child." The king, explore the tomb lines most headache   mocked by Wang Yuexin "children to eat" Makino a "ghost chuideng thing" by the original author of the World tyrants sing with Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog] co producer, Zhao Xiaoxi, Zhao brother small gull directed, mainly about the son of Hu Hu eighty-one days (Wang Dalu played) and moon (Jin Chen ornaments played), Raleigh (played by Wang Yuexin), Wang Yao (played by Zhang Boyu), small gold teeth (played by Zhang Xin) into the Millennium ancient tomb look for the whereabouts of Hu day parents story. The crew are set, interior part of the tomb of Zhang Liang shot. Acting as the son of the king of Bayi Bayi smile with "looking for Dad" to explain the story of Hu man’s story: "I played an orphan, Hu Bayi lost. I wonder why I have such a father, I want to know their own life. All the way to explore the history of the most interesting for me, and then slowly met some people, this is a very interesting story". It is reported that Hu day is rich in gold points set point experience experts. In this regard, Wang, think lines is the biggest test of filming, "many lines not according to the reality of life logic, must by rote. And explore the tomb is my profession, to explore the grave to talk about a lot of things, not wrong." In the process, and in the days of Hu moon Daguai upgrade in the friction out of feelings of love, about the scenes and Jin Chen, Wang, says she is a man, his skill is particularly, only when the "spiritual leader". The king said, Jin Chen, forthright character cooperation is very comfortable, "girls may behave, do not know why they want to. But Jin Chen doesn’t fit. We’re working on a lot of sparks." At the scene, the king, is praised the crew meals, "really good, with ice cream, Fresh Juice, and cook the noodles, the side of Wang Yuexin the king," eat out baby "Terrier, king, smiled and said:" the way to lose weight is to eat less then my child." Jin Chen claimed to play good Kung Fu "husband" Wang Yuexin Jin Chen was shown in the guitar crew "Makino ghost blows a thing" as the mysterious "action girl" moon, Kung Fu, when in distress, she can always stand by the king, change danger into safety. Talk about the play, Jin Chen said to focus on strength, sincere to the meat. "I play in the play more paragraphs of the leg, the risk of a fight, there is a sense of care of the grass messenger. I saved the king, many times, feel quite manly." King of the mainland for Jin Chen’s beauty to save the hero’s grace is also deep impression相关的主题文章: