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Waste leftovers heartbreaking wedding leftovers when less? Beijing – Tianjin North news: a fish, only eat a small upward; 4 big balls, and then there were 3; the whole chicken, just missing a leg; a large tub was intact Fried rice with egg…… Now, the wedding appeared leftovers have become a common phenomenon. A lot of leftovers, not only spend money, caused the food waste, but also contributed to the bad social habits of extravagance and waste. Carefully, wedding leftovers, new hotel and the two sides have a responsibility. Despite the current material conditions greatly improved, but do not do a wedding feast, reduce wedding waste, should still be advocated and encouraged. This is not only a problem of market consumption, but also an important symbol of a mature and perfect social psychology. The phenomenon of waste leftovers hurts in October 2nd, is the second day of the National Day holiday this year, the National Day is the peak day of the wedding. Reporters at a wedding hotel to see the wedding held more than and 10 pairs of newcomers. Each table is filled with Braised Pork Balls in Gravy Sauce, Mei Cai Braised Pork, pork, crab, prawns and other 10 dishes. Among them, the most popular is the tasty dishes and some vegetables. The balls, pork, Braised Pork, new family relatives and friends eat little, some almost wholly intact. 1.5 hours after the wedding, almost all of the table are leftovers: a fish, eat only a small upward; 4 big balls, and then there were 3; the whole chicken, only a little chicken; a large tub was intact Fried rice with egg…… Weddings to son of Ms. Zhang to bid farewell to relatives and friends left, began to greet his wife and family table to pick up the remaining things, including liquor, beer, wine and cigarettes, but the food for the rest of the blind, no packing. The reporter asked the reason, Ms. Zhang waved his hand and said, take home no place to put the refrigerator to fit anything, don’t you. Ms. Zhang said that this time she gave his son to do 20 tables wedding, each table of $2200, plus drinks, cigarettes, candy, etc. spent a total of 50 thousand yuan, the figure is happy and lively, leaving some food, feel indifferent. October 6th evening, the sky under a light rain. In a restaurant near Nankai District Anshan West Road, there are two couples come to the wedding, the wedding place. Mr. Liu said, he gave his son put 25 tables wedding, the quoted price is 2588 yuan per table. Reporters saw the festive hot wedding, in the banquet hall, the wedding began. Each table dishes are rich and delicious, with total elbow Roasted Duck festive Braised Pork Balls in Gravy Sauce 12 hot dishes, 6 cold dishes, relatives and friends to eat frequently, but not much, and even fewer people eat pork balls. After the wedding, the staff quickly put the rest of the meal dumped in the trash, which is half a whole chicken, eat less than half of the elbow. A waiter jokingly said that if the rest of the food together, you can spell out several tables wedding. National Day Wedding Banquet in the past few days, the hotel restaurant garbage straight up, more than doubled before. The hotel chef said, calculating a wedding banquet table to 2000 yuan, the average waste at around 30%, is 6)相关的主题文章: