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Water also field: two children Skywarp? There are free to sleep! Sohu mother recently online crazy pass a set of twins baby mom coax sleeping crash video, how to make two Yue naoyue Huan small baby calm down, become all double treasure mother urgent problem to sleep. Today I will introduce a few tips to appease the baby: the secret of sleep is quiet, quiet sleep is a natural occurrence. So the question is, what is the way to let the baby quiet? 1, separate sleep in order to prevent mutual interference for the double treasure family, will be separated from the two baby sleep the fastest and most effective. If there are enough caregivers, you can bring two children into different rooms for sleep, so as to avoid the difference between the two children to sleep a long time, the quality of sleep caused by sleep and wake up to disturb each other. 2, regular and avoid excessive stimulation. The holidays have a joyous gathering relatives and friends, often because of excessive stimulation of the baby can not sleep, crying. Some mothers complain that people really crazy, more naughty, naive! This is actually wrong baby. Baby just a good rest! Most of the babies haven’t mastered their skills when they sleep, extremely weary is especially sleepy but difficult to sleep, so to seek the help of adults will be crying. So I advise: holidays don’t disturb the baby has a regular schedule, baby don’t amused excitement, especially near the sleep time within half an hour, the baby out of a noisy party site, give the baby quiet two reading a bedtime story to let him calm mood, can give good physical and mental adjustment to sleep. If there is no two segmentation space respectively two baby to sleep, can be placed in the two baby mother on both sides of the body, before going to bed and keep quiet, don’t let them take a language and physical communication, but do not tell a bedtime story, full of wit and humour baby story amused beam with joy, you can put some light music properly. Or sing a lullaby to him. 3, the white noise of vacuum cleaners, washing machine, dryer, dryer sound, the sound of water, static radio, similar to the baby in her womb sound, often a soothing magic of a young baby. It should be noted that the use of white noise for a long time the baby’s hearing damage, especially the larger noise emitted by electrical appliances. Can be used in the most difficult to sleep in the stage try to use, and so the children sleep well enough to sleep slowly. My mother home two love Baodu whirring air conditioning, lying on the bed in the open air soon can safely sleep. 4, the mobile environment holding a child walking in the room, put the cart, and even into the safety basket or the seat in the car. With a slight shaking of the movement so that the baby in the womb to feel the feeling of being run with her mother, familiar with the security will bring him to easily calm down and then fall asleep. It should be noted that active sleep is not the right way to sleep. If you must use a walk or swing on the car to soothe the baby, when the baby fell asleep, it should be the end of the swing or no longer push the car to walk to avoid the formation of the field相关的主题文章: