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Jewelry-Diamonds Even with the holiday season kicking into high gear and New Yorkers parting with more of their money, not all retailers are breathing a sigh of relief. The season kicked off with a bang Black Friday weekend, with the average shopper spending $365, up from $343 last year. Total spending both in stores and online reached $45 billion. But for small businesses, the holidays aren’t proving nearly as profitable as it was earlier because the shoppers are yet to recover from the economic downturn so they are taking time for the things to settle down. But there seems to be no respite from the economic slump. Consumers still reeling from the recession remain predominantly driven by discounts, said Will Boland, senior analyst at Sage works, a financial information firm that tracks privately held companies. While small businesses can cater to shoppers’ desire to save to some extent, they have a hard time competing on price with retail giants like Target or Kmart, he said. Even in the midst of high unemployment and sluggish economic growth, smaller retailers have other options for ratcheting up sales during the holidays, such as maintaining closer contact with their customers, Boland said. One more thing is Womens fashion accessories is the often searched keyword online and needles to say the kind of interest it is generating in the intended audience mind it only reminds us how the demand remained the same. That’s just what Stacey Pecor has long thought. As the owner of Olive and Bette’s, a four-store women’s apparel and bracelets and cuffs for women ,accessories chain in Manhattan that got its start in 1991 in Burlington, Vt., Pecor offers items like Faux fur handbags and Summer handbags for women etc for sale online during the holidays to accommodate shoppers outside of the city. But she said her company’s real bread and butter come from interacting with customers in person. "It is impossible for us to give the same kind of customer service over the web as it is in our stores, she said. "When we try to compete in an online environment, we can’t do what we do best." Online world is all about giving the right kind of taste to the intended audience and everything needs to be done that gives the audience the needed choice on the other hand when it comes to Women’s Fashion Jewelry customers Not only do Pecor and her staff try to keep their stores looking fresh and vibrant to lure shoppers, she regularly hosts sample sales and trunk shows to keep their interest. In an effort to remain in constant touch with the customers she also started a shop-at-home program in which clients can receive a box of curate items each week, month or quarter that’s customized to their size and tastes. Thus bonding with the customers and doing her best to ensure the clients needs are taken care of. "I know who you are and your wardrobe; I know what vendors you like," said Pecor, 45. This type of personalized strategy accounts for 30% of her business Pecor said. Though the mini chain finished out 2009 down 20% compared with 2008, she said her stores’ sales are up 27% so far this year. The small biz strategy of Daniela Zagnolli, who owns Brazilian Decor, a year-old online furniture and accessories store, also is split between online and offline selling Bracelets and cuffs for women and Necklaces for women this way they want to keep both online and offline customers happy. Zagnolli, 36, set up shop during the holidays at Bryant Park for the first time this year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: