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We are the stars in Joe Chen Angie Chiu, the last station kiss people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: "we have come to the" stars of tears in Xinjiang Joe Chen kiss Angie Chiu finale people.com.cn (Wu Yaxiong) in Beijing in September 30, Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" Eleventh exciting content, the 20:20 will be released on Friday. In this program, the stars appeared in a handsome racing suit. They not only felt the charm of the desert, but also enjoyed more than Xinjiang’s special food, and experienced a desert rush and rush to the bottom under the protection of professional riders. The handsome appearance stars Jingjing experience to help out the characteristics of Xinjiang delicacy eat non-stop in this program, all the guests dressed in overalls and handsome appearance, in the vast expanse of the desert, become a beautiful scenery line. In the beginning, God Goddess who came to the western frontier of antiquity — a hub of Red Pavilion Road, deep desert their excitement and excitement. This is not only a necessary place for the Silk Road on the land, but also the site of the Western Paradise. Wang Han, the leader of the Western Conference, introduced: "that’s where the West day passed." Carina Lau asked, "can I see Sun Wukong then?" A gust of wind blown sand sky, Sheenah shouted: "funny wind, a monster!" The side of Karen Mok clever ground stem ":" would like to!" This is a movie, "Westward Journey" of the classic picture again before, even "Jingjing" also came out, this shows whether there are more surprises? Lunch session, guests finally had enough addiction delicacy, "big stomach king" Sheenah eat mutton eat did not stop, eat "cat" and she eat skewers of elegant sister Ka-ling contrasts the two contrast very cute and adorable. We not only enjoy food, but also made a special grilled Naan, super delicacy to enjoy non-stop, is inviting, just want a taste of the delicious gourmet screen. The desert part of intense stimulation of the sisters kept screaming by this station play enough star debut location for the most famous "mirage" for Shanshan, at first glance, the end of the desert is like a piece of water. With the voice of Wang Han, "please have our motorcade!" Everyone was pulled back to reality. I saw eight cars domineering off-road vehicles lined up together, from the mirage in breaking wind, handsome! The stars were impatient to choose their own vehicles, and a crazy picture began to start in the desert. The surf water game that begins at the destination is more of a laughing matter. Carina Lau Angie Chiu "we strongly recommend two to gracefully go back then gracefully, but two people got on the bus after the collapse of the moment people, all was splashing and screaming. The game of lunch is also trapped in the curse of "game but four". The number playing game is always deadlocked in the fourth round. Sheenah, the queen of the game, is also defeated this time. How exactly is the thrill and games, let you instantly shake off the burden idol, hooked? This Friday night, the Hunan satellite TV "we come" to give you the answer. Sheenah said that the first season’s regrets were open to everyone in their home after a day’s madness. At the same time, the winning team came to the ultimate punishment of the station — the haunted house for wine, the winning team could enjoy the wine in the monitor room, and watched the team lose the penalty. After that, you enjoy the wine dinner in Kroraina chateau. Wang Han and Carina Lau drank glasses to each other, and they shared each other’s eyes. They drew Sheenah’s blunt speech and asked him to have a drink with Yuan Hong. "We come," the prince and Princess of Macao station are fit again at this time, and what kind of sparks will be rubbed out? When you speak in a word I speak in one word, Angie Chiu is asked to maintain the golden Lord and give everyone a burst of laughter when asked to maintain the secret. The closing of the program is coming. During dinner, Joe Chen, Karen Mok, Carina Lau and Wang Han have prepared gifts for everyone. It’s just a gift giving. They are all unable to hold up. They are all embracing tears. After a few glasses of wine, is red with truth and everyone about their first season the biggest regret of Sheenah. (commissioning editor Zhang Yan and Zhang Xin) 我们来了众星泪洒收官站 陈乔恩献吻赵雅芝–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:《我们来了》众星泪洒新疆收官站 陈乔恩献吻赵雅芝   人民网北京9月30日电 (吴亚雄)湖南卫视《我们来了》第十一期精彩内容,本周五20:20即将上映。在本期节目中,众星一身帅气赛车服亮相,他们不仅感受了大漠的风采,还享受了超多新疆特色美食,并且在专业车手保护下,体验了一回沙漠狂飙和冲底“涮锅”。   众星大漠帅气出场“白晶晶”来助阵 体验新疆特色美食吃不停   在本期节目中,众嘉宾身着帅气赛车服亮相,在一望无际的沙漠中,成为一道亮丽的风景线。在开场时,男神女神们来到西域边塞要冲的古风燧――赤亭古道,深入大漠的他们又兴奋又激动。这里不仅是陆上丝绸之路必经之处,同样也是当年西天取经的故地,队长汪涵介绍道:“当年西天取经就经过这里”,刘嘉玲则好奇问道:“那我能看到孙悟空吗?”一阵大风吹起漫天黄沙,谢娜搞怪地喊道:“起风了,有妖怪!”而一旁的莫文蔚则机灵“接梗”:“白晶晶来了!”此话一出,电影《大话西游》的经典画面又重现眼前,连“白晶晶”也来助阵,节目此行是否还有更大的惊喜?午餐环节时,众嘉宾终于过足美食瘾,“大胃王”谢娜吃羊肉串吃得根本停不下来,吃成“小花猫”的她和优雅吃串儿的嘉玲姐形成反差萌,两人对比十分可爱。大家不仅吃得尽兴,还自制特色烤馕饼,超多美食享不停,令人食指大动,只想一尝荧幕中的极品美味。   沙漠环节激烈刺激 女神们连声尖叫直呼玩不够   本站众星的亮相地点为鄯善最为著名的“海市蜃楼”,一眼望去,沙漠的尽头仿佛是一片水域。随着汪涵的一声“有请我们的车队!”,大家一下被拉回现实。只见八辆霸气拉风的越野车一字排开,从海市蜃楼里破风而出,帅气十足!众星迫不及待地选择了自己心仪的车辆,一阵疯狂拍照后开始了沙漠之行。抵达目的地后开始的冲浪车护水游戏更是笑料百出。刘嘉玲对赵雅芝强烈建议“我们两要优雅地去,然后优雅地回来”,可两人一上车后瞬间人设崩盘了,各种被泼水和尖叫。午餐的游戏环节更是陷入“游戏不过四”的魔咒,抢数字游戏总是在第四轮陷入僵局,游戏女王谢娜这回竟然也败下阵来。到底是怎样刺激的体验和游戏,让大家瞬间抖落偶像包袱,大呼过瘾?这周五晚湖南卫视《我们来了》给你答案。   谢娜直言第一季的遗憾 众人敞开心房齐飙泪   一天的疯狂过后,所有人入住偶像之家。与此同时,输队赢来了本站的终极惩罚――鬼屋取酒,赢队则可以在监控室尽情地享受着美酒,全程看着输队接受惩罚。随后大家在楼兰酒庄享用美酒晚宴,汪涵和刘嘉玲对酒干杯,双眼互电,引得谢娜直言也要和袁弘对视着喝一杯。《我们来了》澳门站的王子和公主此时再度合体,又会擦出怎样的火花呢?席间大家你一言我一语地说着心里话,赵雅芝再被问保养秘诀时,仍不忘强推金主,引得大家一阵大笑。节目收官在即,晚餐时陈乔恩、莫文蔚、刘嘉玲、汪涵都为所有人精心准备了礼物,只是一个送礼物环节,大家都绷不住了,纷纷拥抱落泪。几杯红酒下肚,谢娜更是红着眼直言和大家坦白自己第一季最大的遗憾。 (责编:张妍、张鑫)相关的主题文章: