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VOIP The present global scenario mandates that a Healthcare or a Pharma .pany has to interact with its constituent units to rework its strategies, carry out policy updating among the field units and agents and the scheduled release of a new product. Market .pulsions also force the .pany to schedule these meetings at regular intervals. However, meetings conducted on a large platform generally fail to have the right impact owing to the huge amount of content material involved. For a successful meeting, it is essential that the .pany involves itself in a personal interaction. However, it is humanly impossible for any healthcare .pany to schedule such personal meetings with every agent. The best way that a .pany can achieve this is by way of utilizing web conferencing solution as a .munication tool. Many of the successful .panies have already incorporated WebRTC driven conference solutions. The biggest advantages while adapting such a technology is that it is browser based. This will ensure that the trunk lines are .pletely eliminated. Further, this conferencing solution has gained recognition and are presently supported by browsers like Chrome and will soon be .patible with Apple safari as well. These applications also do not create security impediments like the conventional video calling solutions. The study does not indicate a mere decline in the overhead costs, but also shows improved employer-employee relations and the .pany and its target public. There are multi-fold advantages for a enterprise that makes use of web conferencing solutions. Apart from conducting personal level or joint training sessions, it is also possible to educate the audience over the prevailing and newer products in a more pro-active manner. With the health sector making extensive use of interactive software such as CRM (Customer Relation Management) as a training tool, the switch to a pro active web conferencing solution is a mere step ahead. Extending the web conferencing facility to the field units or agents provides them with better flexibility and renders greater accessibility. They can be made a part of the .pany internal VoIP network and enable them to function from their very houses. According to a study by the Wainhouse Research, the most effective conferencing solution for a pharma .pany can be gauged on the lines of use, reputation, customer support and transparency of installation. It is evident that the conferencing package that a healthcare .pany will adapt must be easy to use and the process of installation must be highly transparent. This is the fundamental clause during the selection of the solution since it is required to be operated by people with no technical knowhow. In summation, a healthcare .pany that incorporates internet conferencing is primarily assured of a unified .munication channel. 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