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What can you use in your family for a lifetime? Sohu – please click the blue words "Paul KK" in the know received the invitation answer: what can be a lifetime? Not a few are serious, most of them are clever or witty answer. But think about it, and now is a time of rapid consumption, is a high-speed production, and overcapacity in the era, whether it is food or household goods. The rapid production, rapid consumption era, I love noodles called era, what ever became of FMCG, including the house. Will not be like a few decades ago, it is an era of material scarcity, when the Chinese people are poor, what is missing, no matter whether the quality of each product is bought, will buy a long time. Now Chinese culture and economy are influenced by the United States is quite deep, the world first-class production capacity, but also a resource consumption country, you go to the United States most things can feel the food and clothing are very cheap. The amount of food to eat is very large, waste is very serious, fast food restaurants have seen the size of the cup when buying coke. If there are so many people in China, how much of the earth’s resources will be needed if we all study the American way of life? American brands (production) of daily necessities, clothing quality is acceptable, you can use, do not feel bad throw away. If you want to speak of high quality, the United States produced a handful of American style can be said to be synonymous with extensive. At the same time, the United States is a money oriented country, what is the money together, although the movie show will see a lot of publicity, real life is human Guadan, failing to see the recent presidential election overbearing, you know, to use unscrupulous divisive tactics. China is even more, to profit there is no bottom line at all, the American way of bloodthirsty capital has played a leading role, the pursuit of high quality was considered ridiculous feelings, because in the current market environment, the pursuit of high-quality small, people seem to have been immune, cheap enough volume is the first. Quality is a real luxury for us. To this problem, which can be a lifetime thing, I am here first, listed 10 categories, with the hope that we can add. It should have a definition of the so-called life, the average life expectancy of 2014 Chinese is 73.5 years old, remove the adolescent restlessness, the so-called theory of a lifetime, even the passage should be at least 30-50 years or more of life, so it depends on. List of the main means of daily necessities, often used to the day, the antique is not, because it is likely to buy or dig out have been hundreds of years. 1 porcelain asked a lot of friends, you can feel what is a lifetime thing, answer the porcelain is the largest, but mostly refers to the antique porcelain, because in life you may not quite often used to hold rice antique porcelain dish. But in daily life has been in use of porcelain is rarely used for a lifetime, the biggest reason is the porcelain easily broken, will accidentally break. On the other hand, because China is s相关的主题文章: