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What do you think of a small movie with VR? After the experience of erotic actress, it is said that Sasha Grey, who was the best actress of adult Oscar, likes VR. She just doesn’t buy VR pornographic account. "VR pornography is too exaggerated, a kind of exaggeration. I’ve tried to see a trailer, and after seeing me, I won’t love VR pornography anymore. She said to CNBC’s reporter. "I think people don’t see pornography for real experience. They are for fantasy. VR pornography is like watching porn on a big screen TV. I don’t want it to be true. " In addition to real estate and design drawings, pornography is one of the highest field transformation rate of VR. Although Grey herself is also a VR fan, she has recently taken the DJ tour with Samsung Gear VR camera, but she firmly believes that VR can’t change the rules of adult movie game. "I’d rather have real things. To some extent, pornography is always leading technology, like some kind of Mousika. Grey, 28, is one of the most successful transboundary stars in the world. She walks from pornography to Hollywood, writes novels, and opens his music career as an industrial band aTelecine. Grey wants to turn off Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat: "I hope I never need to use these things, but I understand that it is a tool to communicate with old and new potential powders." She is keen on more subversive technology. "VR is such an exciting new medium. It is a young technology with endless possibilities. " She was going to return to Losangeles and started making a video on the VR camera, and eventually she would send the finished product to the Internet. "I use Gear VR all the way, as long as you use it with your mobile phone, it will splice the content, save a lot of editing time, very good use." (NetEase science and Technology)

用VR看小电影啥感觉?色情女星体验后这样说曾获“成人奥斯卡”最佳女主角的前色情女星Sasha Grey是喜欢VR的,她只是不怎么买VR色情的帐。“VR色情片太夸张了,一种扑面而来的夸张。我曾经试着看过一个预告片,看完我就对VR色情再也不会爱了。”她这么对CNBC的记者说道。“我觉得人们不是为了真实体验而去看色情片,他们是为了幻想。VR色情就像在一台大屏电视上看黄片,我不希望它太真实。”配图除了房地产和设计,色情是VR转化率最高的领域之一。虽然Grey自己也是VR粉丝,最近还用三星Gear VR相机拍摄了她的DJ巡演,但是她坚信,VR无法改变成人影业的游戏规则。“我宁愿拥有真实的事物。某种程度上,色情总是引领科技,就像某种缪斯。”28岁的Grey是世界上最成功的跨界明星之一。她从色情业走到好莱坞,写小说,以工业乐队aTelecine主唱身份开启其音乐生涯。Grey想关掉Instagram、Facebook和Snapchat:“我希望我从此不必用这些东西,不过我明白它是和已有老粉、潜在新粉交流的一种工具。”她热衷于更具颠覆性的技术。“VR就是这样一个令人兴奋的新媒介。它是一项年轻的技术,拥有无尽可能性。”她打算等回到洛杉矶,就开始制作VR相机拍摄的巡演视频,最后会把成品发到网上。“我全程都在用Gear VR,只要你配合手机使用,它就会把内容拼接起来,省去了大量编辑时间,很好用。”(网易科技)相关的主题文章: