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Home-Improvement One of the most striking options for homeowners looking to boost their homes curb appeal is stone siding. Theres just something unique and spectacular about stone that immediately draws the eye to it. For this reason, more and more homeowners are trying to stretch their budgets to incorporate some form of stonework into the exteriors of their homes. Of course, theres a reason why homes with stone siding truly stand out. Of the various siding options available to homeowners, stone is probably the least commonly-used due to its sizable price tag. Stone siding is expensive from both a material and labor standpoint. The stones themselves carry a much higher price tag than wood and basic vinyl, and siding contractors have no choice but to pass that cost on to their customers. Stone siding installation is also an intricate, time-consuming process. To do a proper job, a siding contractor has to work slowly and patiently for each stone must be laid in piece by piece. To add insult to injury, stone siding does not help at all with insulation. So homeowners can forget about any sort of added energy savings to offset the cost of installation. On the other hand, there is something to be said about the beauty and elegance of stone siding. Stone siding is also available in a variety of colors and options, allowing homeowners to create an exterior that is truly unique. Some homeowners are able to match their stone siding to a designer stone walkway or trim for a look that is not only stunning, but one of a kind. The right stonework can truly increase a homes value, and in todays competitive housing market, theres really something to be said about instant curb appeal. Since cost is usually the greatest impediment to stone siding installation, many siding companies are able to offer homeowners a compromise in the form of partial stone fronts. Jeruco Exteriors in New Jersey specializes in this very option. According to owner Ruben Jeruco, stone and vinyl are a popular siding combination, as they complement each other nicely while helping the homeowner achieve a nice balance from a financial standpoint. A good contractor will know how to work within a homeowners budget to create a look that is both unique and reasonably affordable. Of course, stone siding is not for everybody. Even with the middle ground option of partial stone siding, many homeowners tend to find themselves priced out of this exclusive selection. However, if youre willing and able to splurge, then consider stone for your next siding project. Youll probably spend a lot up front, but your reward will be a standout home and the knowledge that youve truly helped create your very own masterpiece. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: