When you want a divorce, the baby comes cibi

Want to divorce when the children come to my mother – Sohu you are not afraid of a joke about the object at the age of 19, when the little without contraception nor pregnant, did not care, 24 years old, because the child is not pregnant, the object with the first ready for marriage broke up, then took up, I was not infertility I am 1 meters, 68.150 pounds, very fat, work points, after the blind date, the second engaged husband, go aunt engaged the first month, I went to his home, spent a month at the end of October, the menstruation did not come, his sister said to me buy a pregnancy test, try it, I was afraid, because I know your situation, but JiaBuZhu they hurried, I took a pregnancy test morning to go to the toilet, for the first time, in fact, very excited, also in prayer. Dare to use, I hope I’m pregnant, remember the test pen, no container, I directly written on the urine… The moment, red bars… Anyway, is pregnant, during all don’t believe, really happy to die, you know what kind of happy to see everyone laugh, to 3 and a half months, my nightmare is coming, children check everything is normal, but I told his mother is not normal, he is not just male, listen to him mother, not a bit like me, I will not say, anyway, a lot of things happened, I put my child labor… My pain is not lying, squatting too, kneeling down to the child, then I will not go back, with him, in fact he is very good, I can’t stand too fucking, nothing, then with my current husband married, ovulation forget how much to use paper. Many… In October 1 our wedding anniversary for a year, I think God has always had not punish me, I was not pregnant, not easy to have him killed, the mood is not good, they quarrel with her husband, know this month, had a most powerful, most of my heart love is not good, make to the point of divorce, I went back home, as in the past to stomach pain before aunt, waiting for aunt come, I will come within 3 days of pain, but the pain for several days did not come, these days is trapped, neither painful nor itching, the matchmaker I quarrel forget what ovulation time, about 10 days or so, have a lucky money to buy a pregnancy test, the first black India, second no, I don’t use the morning urine, the first time I know what is the real mother of ash, then my classmates gave me a Yu Ting, not urine, is gray India, they say not, own, their concept is noisy, menstruation, it is red, but I know how in this software ash that said, then I bought two Yu Mei, is now, my heart still uneasy so, I want to go to the hospital for blood today. It is assured, do not waste money, said so much, hope still suspect you have problems in your sisters, what problems are not, I summed up the experience, every day looking forward to the end of ovulation. We do not come, I hope the day before, nothing, the ovulation play, fight every day, even though don’t have children, divorce, but the child came, mother said the child saved me two. In this paper, we sort out the相关的主题文章: