Where did Forbes’s highest paid stars live ca1816

Forbes’s highest paid stars live. (original title: 2016 "Forbes" highest paid stars where this is star) lead: occupation envy letting a person, in addition to become eye-catching characters, but also because of the high income and countless houses. "Forbes" recently published the world’s highest paid sports stars TOP100, including Taylor Swift, the British One Direction group and the United States "Thriller mystery king" James Paterson respectively in the winners. The world’s richest entertainers, private are what look like? Taylor Swift: the annual income of $170 million this year, has been ranked the topic list of Taylor Swift, not only love his career, it is not much better. She became in 2016 the world’s most profitable artists with annual income of $170 million, under the name of real estate is at least 6, is also the big house. She was photographed on the beach with her, near her Ocean View Villa in Rhodes, worth $17 million 750 thousand. In "the world’s most prestigious residential area in Beverly Hills" she also has a $25 million villa. Most users know a property for the Taylor Swift on Rhodes island Ocean View Villa, she also acquired in 2014 in New York senior section of Tribeca a penthouse apartment, worth $19 million 950 thousand. This set has 7 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and luxury kitchen in the top of the 1, the ceiling to show the way the exposed solid wood, so that the overall space looks more spacious and comfortable. But the luxury photo exposure, many users have Tucao "too old", "the old lady is to live, should be re decoration to". Taylor Swift in New York purchased lots of senior Tribeca penthouse apartment is probably listened to netizens suggested that this year Taylor decided to reinstall this house, so she was in West Village rented a monthly rent of $40 thousand 4 storey high-level luxury. Taylor Swift new rented four storey mansion of Cristiano Ronaldo, the annual income: $88 million in 1930, the Trump Building, located in New York Manhattan Fifth Avenue entrance, is a 88 storey building, golden, and overlooking the Central Park, and Wall Street "crown jewels" reputation. C Luo’s $18 million 500 thousand luxury viewing apartment will be purchased here. C Luo buy luxury area of 2509 square feet (about 223 square meters), a total of three bedroom, the living room is not only a 360 degree field of view in the bathroom also overlooking the bustling scene in Manhattan. The interior design from the world’s top designer Juan Pablo Molyneux himself maori. David Copperfield: the annual income of $64 million $17 million 550 thousand magician David Copperfield in Las Vegas to buy luxury mansion, located in Summerlin a closed community. A total of four houses, with a total of eight bedrooms, indoor area.相关的主题文章: