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Business Lee McIntyre is known by thousands of people all over the world. Why? Because he helped them to build their successful online businesses. Lee is one of those people who grabs your attention immediately and you cant help listening to him. When he starts talking about online marketing you know instantly that he knows what hes talking about. No wonder, because he is known as the fastest success story in the internet marketing industry. Lee is a down-to-earth person whos real desire it is to help people to reach their own dreams. He used to be a high school teacher, amongst other things, and his teaching skills shine through in all his training programs. He had only been online for 29 days when started earning $7 000 and more per month. You might wonder how he did it. He says its because he does things totally in a different way than other people he likes to be different. The result? His training is also different. He doesnt give you all the hype that we so often .e across in the internet marketing world, neither does he boast about his bank account. He sticks to the basics and tests and tweaks all the time until he gets the result that he wants this is what hell teach you too, should you decide to follow his training methods. One of the things that stand out for me about Lee is his ethical marketing strategies and honesty. He is saddened by the fact that 95% of people who are trying to make money on the internet, never make a dime and that’s why he pours himself into his training programs – to help others. His personal success is not what he is proud of but the achievements of his students. Lee is not a person who makes empty promises and offers quick fix solutions. He makes no secret of the fact that having a successful business takes hard work and dedication. And if you are not that kind of person, his training will not be for you. Lee believes in building your business on a solid foundation. He also advocates the fact that it is far better to create your own products than promoting other peoples products for them. You could say he does affiliate marketing in reverse because he gets affiliates to promote for him and not the other way round that way he earns much more. In his training he teaches people how to do that. Because he is a peoples person his subscribers are number one in his business life. He knows how to build up their trust and keep their loyalty. I speak from experience when I see an email from Lee in my inbox I open it immediately. I have always received more from Lee than what I ever expected. As your business grows it be.es more and more difficult to do everything yourself and the time .es when you have to out source certain tasks. In his training Lee goes into the details of how to do that, what to look out for and what works the best. He also gives great tips on hiring permanent staff, should you need to. Lee has countless training programs but the one I would re.mend for people just starting out, would be Instant Inter. Lifestyle. He recorded this material at a two day workshop he presented and its packed with useful information. He shares everything about how he built his own business and the training offers amazing value at a surprisingly low price. Dont expect to go through the material only once – youll have to work through it systematically, perhaps taking notes along the way, because itll save time instead of trying to find the information again later. Also, working through the material more than once, you always pick up something that you might have missed the first time. Lee speaks with a strong English accent, but dont be put off by that your ear gets tuned very quickly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: