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"Who is your dish" Awards   inventory second season strongest dishes — people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn in October 6th, 2016 in the second quarter of the screen all star sports delicacy life show "who is your dish" second quarter perfect ending. In the increasingly intense competition in the entertainment industry, "who is your dish" second season not only carry forward China A new force suddenly rises., the traditional diet culture banner, more originality will pop stars, gossip and other elements into them, in a relaxed, fun atmosphere, the Chinese cultural heritage as the show’s producer Sheng culture always adhere to the faith, the content must have evolved, to give more long-term vitality. And how to achieve it? The answer is the nourishment of culture. After the first quarter of the water test, the second quarter of sublimation, and finally achieved a variety of innovative breakthroughs in the industry and the audience unanimously recognized gains. Eleven during the long holiday, a real event adaptation of the film Mekong River action, just a week to get a harvest of 600 million box office. However, although this is one of the themes of the film, but by virtue of the pattern of actor performances in place, Hollywood blockbusters, has become the national archives a dark horse, the hugely popular. With this film, although the culture in the production of Zhongsheng "who is your dish" in the first quarter of Chinese to promote traditional culture, but still the new play let the program become a clean market variety, a variety of new wind. Innovation mode of glow shed variety and spring variety show in the model could be divided into two types of outdoor shed variety and variety. In earlier years, the show was to dominate the world, a great catch-up trend in the field of TV, prime time ratings and reputation topics were once part of the weekend shed variety king, at the time China TV status in the field of remarkable. But in recent years, a new variety of models — the outdoor variety began to enter the China TV market, and by 70% the growth rate of the rapid occupation of the Highlands, which shed variety "dominance" threatened. With the excessive number of outdoor variety in the number of programs and the homogenization of the core of the program, the audience gradually aesthetic fatigue, so that China’s TV variety into a difficult situation. As always adhere to the spirit of the original China TV variety, Sheng Culture in exploring a new way, seemingly restricted space, freedom and openness, far less than the outdoor show shed variety developed step by step more new gameplay. As the first domestic large file broadcast season all star sports life delicacy show, "who is the new mode of your dish" second season started delicacy variety show, in the production level has reached the height of the new shed variety, indicates the direction for the development of the delicacy of variety. The details of rome. "Who is your dish" in the second quarter is not only unique in the positioning, in the same place to strive for perfection, "Virgo" complex comparable to "Ode to joy". I believe everyone concerned about who is your dish, the audience will be noted in the second quarter, this program can be called the king of the extreme. In order to make each guest can relax and be involved in the program, the program group to do his utmost to make the scene out of the traditional "studio". In the program, kitchen utensils, knives, food ingredients相关的主题文章: