Why are you so poor sexhu

Why do you work so hard so poor, Chinese words, try to use their own strength to do things. Try to do something with all your strength, and then point to a positive attitude to do something. Did not seize the opportunity, the wrong direction, blindly busy, these will only lead to a result of qiongmang. Why are you so poor when you work so hard? Initial efforts to change the fate of my relatives than I came to Shanghai late, she came to Shanghai after the introduction of my sister-in-law and I married a relative of our family. When the last batch of Shanghai blue print accounts by her catch. In fact, she was not married to my relatives but have to marry. She and his relatives also add up to 20 thousand yuan, so everyone chipped in to them 60 thousand yuan in the suburb of Shanghai to buy a house, now the house in their hands, more than and 80 flat, only in the suburbs is not conducive to children and adults to work, so they will house rental, the difference in yourself urban housing. The house has solved the woman’s account, and later I married relatives, two years after the blue print accounts can turn into a formal account of Shanghai, spent 10 thousand yuan. Two years they had no children, because of the blue print accounts of life under the child is the blue print accounts, so one baby in the child’s account directly, is a Shanghai hukou, it done well. So they can also change their destiny through hard work. Sometimes you are very hard but not as good as the change in thinking, but such a family of three in accordance with the previous plan or try again some will be better and better? Should be able to complete the replacement of the house, but they do not. Don’t think of the Shanghai account but nothing? Actually, they are still very hard, women work hard, but she was in a position for 10 years did not change, you said it is her popularity is very good, but can not get a promotion, together with her all to sit in the office, but she is still doing odd jobs. What is she doing tedious things. She could not get a promotion will not be able to get a salary increase of ten years, such as a day with a few thousand dollars in wages, the bonus is very poor, holiday fees will be about $100 gift. I sometimes help her analysis, she has no leading edge margin of colleagues, have very good relationship between colleagues, and is leading relationship is not so good, she just do, do well, once someone has done her work in exchange for no one has she done well, so give the leadership a false, that is the most suitable for her to do so, certainly do not want to have the leadership change in trouble. In fact, this is the idea of relatives, I give her advice at that time, then you can not get promoted to consider leaving ah? She also considered some of the facilities here, of course, a place to do so many years there will always be a lot of dismay. Her children go to primary school children to school can connect to the office to do homework, and then work together to take home Saturday on duty can also take children, so she felt that this work salary is not high but can take care of the family and children, so that the idea that she has no idea of job hopping. The replacement of the house without delay, but I did not make up my sister is definitely a real estate experts, she will be able to suburban two suites.相关的主题文章: