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Self-Improvement Why do people lie? In this article, youll discover the answer to that question and some interesting facts about our dark side. Lying is rather a .mon thing to do for many people. They start to learn this habit at a very young age, deliberately or unintentionally, and continue to develop it as they get older. People may even start to be.e deceptive if they knew the ways to tell if someone is lying, simply because theyre more confident in covering themselves up. Why Do People Lie? There are various reasons why people lie. Here are some of those When they were young, they try to make up things just to get themselves out of trouble or run away from the punishment of their parents. They escape the fear of being reprimanded because of the mess they got themselves into. That is why they structure stories just to cover it up. At some stage in their teenage years, they want to be acknowledged and accepted by their chosen peer. That is the reason why they tend to formulate stuff about themselves just to make them acceptable and presentable to others. They do this because they think this is one way of blending in or making themselves popular. As they grow older, their knack in saying false statements be.es more developed. In the workplace when they do not meet their deadlines, their initial action is to tell their superior that they got sick or they had an emergency to attend to at home. The dangerous thing about it is that if this be.es a habit, people would not trust them anymore. If lying be.es habitual, they tend to lie about everything – and even lie to cover up an existing lie. They be.e what you call as .pulsive liars. They are the ones who cant resist the lure of lying. They feel they are .pelled to lie at any given circumstance. Mythomania: A Terrible Addiction Of Lying Now you know the answer to why do people lie? To these people, lying has be.e an integral part of their life and has be.e an obsession. They would essentially lie about anything and everything. This addiction really is scary. If truth be told, we call it mythomania. Mythomaniacs lie for no explicit reasons. They make up stories to make themselves acceptable and meet other peoples standards, and feel good when doing so. Getting informed about the ways to tell if someone is lying can help greatly in warding off mythomaniacs. They lie to feed their appetite of lying about almost anything, be it big or small. This is so because the joy of getting away with a lie often propels them to continue their deceptive activities. Mythomaniacs can be very persuasive and convincing, and they have already mastered the art of deceit. Grave dishonesty often makes it impossible for us to put our faith on another person who lied. Because the problem of faith is on the line, .ing clean about the lie as soon as possible is the best way to fix fences. Know the ways to tell if someone is lying so you dont only know why do people lie, but also know how to avoid being lied to. About the Author: Human beings are proactive in nature. He is also social as .pared to other living .anisms. Every day of human life is characterized by vigorous activities which involv … 相关的主题文章: