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Mobile applications are designed to operate during movement of the device. They even detect and distinguish different types of moves performed by the user. Users can interact with a mobile program by means of diverse moves; for example, clear all the fields by shaking the tablet or the smartphone. So, among significant differences between mobile application testing and desktop testing or web site testing is that mobile testing must include tests involving various kinds of moves and work under different conditions. Checking of a mobile software product will be useless without it. It is important to test a mobile program under real life conditions, to see how it copes with tasks in different surroundings, how it reacts on various manners of interaction. It is necessary to plan carefully testing works in order to make sure that all these aspects are taken into account. But detailed guidance requires a lot of writing. It lacks flexibility, as in case of slightest changes in the testing process many things must be changed in such guidance. Besides it sets many limits on the testers and does not allow them to act according to situation and recede even a little from the plan. This makes a testing process ineffective. A professional software testing .pany re.mends its project managers and testers to work with a lightweight guidance. The Advantages of a Lightweight Guidance Are: – writing of such guidance requires less time and efforts than writing of a detailed one; – it is more flexible and maintainable than the detailed one; – it indicates on what aspects testing efforts should be concentrated, but at the same time it enables testers to be creative and use their own approaches; – it allows executing tests faster or in great depth, stopping on various aspects depending on time allocated on testing activities. Diverse thinking instruments and test coverage models are good for elaboration of a test procedure and plan. They are helpful, but abstract. One can elaborate endless number of test-cases relying on them. So, they should be specified by means of test guidance. Test guidance must clearly indicate activities that are to be done. It must be possible to measure the percentage of performed tests, the number of tests that passed and failed. Among Efficient Types of Guidance for Mobile Projects Are: – checklists; – coverage maps. A software testing .pany finds that such guidance is useful for a mobile project. It indicates what test types should be performed, on what aspects of the application one should concentrate. But its up to testers how to check the aspects mentioned in the guidance in course of mobile testing . 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