Winter heating is not necessary to stare at heating in advance – Sohu review gamelink

No need to just stare at the winter heating heating in advance – heating Sohu comments ahead of time, give a lot of suffering in the winter, people look forward to, also show a good attitude. This decision is prudent and not easy: after all, a wide range of public opinion, while the increase in the cost of heating is a huge problem. Since Beijing has not really implemented the residents in accordance with the actual use of heating heat payment, heating every day in advance, are all the extra spending. 2012 Beijing had extended heating time, according to the then estimates, every 1 days in advance or extended, the city’s expenditure of about $40 million. According to past practice, these are the financial bill. After all, it is difficult to accurately calculate the cost of heating in advance to how much money per square meter; at present, according to each household in accordance with the payment of a heating quarter of the background, the heating charge is also very difficult to separate. Indeed, Beijing is now used for decades of heating schedule, with people’s increasing comfort to the requirements of life. But the charge way and standard in the existing heating costs, taking into account the cost of a large number of "subsidizing and heating fee arrears, and the heating company is difficult to produce because of the need to advance the motivation of heating. In fact, the progress of the times, heating methods are diversified, and some people’s thinking should be changed. We can calculate the economic accounts: Beijing heating season is from November 15th to March 15th of the following year, a total of four months. The current implementation of the heating costs per square meter is 30 yuan, a 80 square meters of the family, the annual heating fee is about 2400 yuan, an average of 600 yuan a month, if the money to buy electricity is about 1200 degrees, that is to say, we can pay heating costs about 40 per day of electricity heating the electric power cost almost two 1P for about 24 hours of operation of air conditioning, if other high thermal efficiency of heating equipment, but also not so much. The cost level, this prompted us to solve the heating problem in winter, there is no need to stay in the eyes of central heating above, through the improvement of heating facilities, can implement the relative character of the heating demand, the government should do is perhaps in the cold comes, payment of heating subsidies for those living in relative poverty groups, which may than to whether to heating and repeated research more heart warming. But even if the cost of heating in advance, not by the "public" alone "who enjoy the heating load, who pays" should be the main principle. This need by using the heat metering charge, gradually replaced in the area of land fees, will be transformed into a single cell series circular heating system, the cost sharing mechanism design. Zheng Shanhai (members of the public)相关的主题文章: