With the northern winter, if a field of ice and snow carnival! widcomm

With the northern winter, if a field of ice and snow carnival! (Harbin – Mohe County – Xuegu – Snow Village – Changbai Mountain – Dalian – Makai) thirteen days, fun with your big in a world of ice and snow! Northland scenery, ice thousands of miles, miles. In the winter of the northeast, like the ice and snow into the fairy tale world! Go to Harbin to enjoy eating a popsicle ice, to the motherland in the northernmost part of Mohe County feel water into ice, snow and snow mushroom Xiang CAI with silly roe, go to Changbai Mountain and see the Makai frozen world full of magic to see Tianchi rime, then in Dalian leisure time in riding a bicycle to eat seafood. Just thirteen days, take you through the most economical way in the winter of the north, went to a feast of ice and snow! Day1: Beijing – Harbin (Central Street, Hagia Sophia Church (Day2) places: Harbin): Harbin (Songhua River, Central Avenue, the ice and snow world) places: Harbin Day3: Harbin – Mohe County (places: train) Day4: Arctic Village (the North post office, the post, the North North boundary): Arctic night Day5 Village: Village (North red birch forest, Heilongjiang Bay, Chinese northernmost point): Su village of North Red Day6: Mohe County – Harbin (places: train) Day7: Harbin – Xuegu (places: Xuegu) Day8:    Xuegu – Xue Xiang (Su Xue Xiang: Day9): Snow Village – Changbai Mountain (places: two town: Changbai Mountain (Day10) places: two town: Makai (Day11) train to Dalian: Night Train (Day12): Dalian Xinghai Square, Tiger Beach) places: Dalian Day13: Dalian – Beijing 5000 yuan per capita cost: the whole transportation fee: Tickets: Beijing – Harbin: 671 yuan in Dalian – Beijing train ticket: 470 yuan: Harbin – Mohe County, Mohe County – Harbin K7039:260 yuan K7040:260 yuan in Dalian River   fee: K7512:240 yuan; carpool MoHe Railway Station – Arctic village in northern Red Village — MoHe Railway Station: 200 yuan in Harbin — Xuegu: 100 yuan the snow village — two town: 260 yuan of the two town — Changbai Mountain: 20 yuan, two town — Makai: 15 yuan ticket: Harbin: Snow World (full fare 330 yuan, 170 yuan student tickets (Hagia Sophia Church) Full fare 20 yuan, 10 yuan student tickets) of the Arctic Village: Village tickets (full fare 60 yuan, 30 yuan student tickets) in Longjiang Bay: the first full fare 50 yuan, 25 yuan student tickets in Changbai Mountain: tickets are 125 yuan (63 yuan student tickets) within the scenic green car 85+ SUV 80 yuan the Makai area: 50 yuan accommodation: an average of 75 yuan per night Qinglv accommodation (three evening live on the train) meals: Feng Jian by oneself (have also had dinner roadside stalls on the train to eat instant noodles, below the edge of travel.相关的主题文章: