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A woman with a swelling confinement don’t brush touch a loose tooth bleeding within three years and had two children, but during the month are not brushing, Yongtai Wu mouth recently out of the question. In addition to bad breath, she has swollen and swollen packages on her gums, inhale, gargle, brush her teeth and bite apples…… It hurts when you touch it. When she spoke, lips with the blood, very scary. She was diagnosed with gingivitis during pregnancy with chronic periodontitis. Ms. Wu, 33 years old, she "three years to embrace", last month to Fujian dental hospital, when the second child after breast-feeding for 3 months. Hospital periodontal Keyou Xiao Qing doctor examined her, found her full mouth gum long more swelling swelling, redness, most touched on the bleeding, she had a lot of bad breath, tooth stone covered on the surface of teeth, the teeth are slightly loose. Ms. Wu said she felt before pregnancy, teeth and gums hey, confinement, she according to the traditional method, the whole month Baotou slattern, not brushing. The first of the month after her gums have been swollen bleeding, pregnant with a second child in the late, gum is swollen bag is, when her second child after confinement still don’t brush your teeth, symptoms. "Experiments show that 10 days or so do not brush your teeth, gums will appear inflammation." You Xiaoqing, women in pregnancy, increased hormone levels, chronic inflammation may aggravate the original gum, the gum swelling or epulo change. If coupled with long teeth, composed of food residue and shedding of epithelial cells and bacteria in the dental plaque, will brazenly reproduce rapidly, and gathered in the local, the inflammation and other oral diseases aggravated. Pregnancy gingivitis epulis is benign, but easily bleeding, as big as beans up to serious, purulent pain, cause tooth loosening prolonged pressure, serious, I’m afraid will fall off. You Xiaoqing to Wu and formulate scaling, graded regular periodontal treatment plan is expected to be standardized, the cure for a month, and then observed for a month. You Xiaoqing said, according to the condition, some pregnancy gingivitis patients need surgical excision epulis. You Xiaoqing reminded, warm water brushing in the morning and evening meal, also during the month after application by using the common toothbrush, mouthwash, brushing time should be 3 minutes or so. Affected by changes in hormone levels, the soft tissue in the oral cavity is more sensitive during the confinement period, and brushing teeth should be gentle. (reporter Zhu Danhua) (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog)) >

女子坐月子不刷牙满口肿包一碰出血 多颗牙松动三年内生了两个孩子,但月子期间都不刷牙,永泰人吴女士的口腔最近出了问题。除了口臭,她的满口牙龈上还长出了大大小小的肿包,吸气、漱口、刷牙、咬苹果……一碰就出血。她说话时,唇齿还带血,挺吓人。经医生诊断,她是患了妊娠期牙龈炎,伴慢性牙周炎。吴女士今年33岁,她“三年抱俩”,上个月到福建省口腔医院就医时,正值生二胎后哺乳期3个月。医院牙周科游晓庆主治医生给她检查,发现她全口牙龈上长了多个肿包,肿包发红,大多数一碰就出血,她还有口臭,大量牙结石覆盖在牙面上,多颗牙齿已轻微松动。吴女士说,她觉得自己妊娠前,牙齿、牙龈好端端的,坐月子时,她按照传统方法,整个月都包头裹脚、不敢刷牙。头胎出月子后,她的牙龈就一直红肿出血,怀二胎的中后期,牙龈肿包更大了,生二胎后坐月子时她仍然不刷牙,症状加重。“实验显示,10天左右不刷牙,牙龈就会出现炎症。”游晓庆介绍,妇女在妊娠期间,体内激素水平升高,原有的牙龈慢性炎症可能加重,使牙龈肿胀或形成龈瘤样改变。如果加上久不刷牙,由食物残渣、脱落的上皮细胞和细菌等构成的牙菌斑,将肆无忌惮地迅速繁殖,并聚集在局部,使炎症和其他口腔疾病加重。妊娠期牙龈炎的龈瘤都是良性的,但很容易出血,严重的可达蚕豆般大,化脓时会痛,导致牙齿长期受压,松动严重的话,恐怕会脱落。游晓庆给吴女士洗牙,并制定了分次定期的牙周规范治疗计划,预计治愈需一个月,而后再观察一个月。游晓庆说,根据病情,有些妊娠期牙龈炎患者的龈瘤还需要手术切除。游晓庆提醒,月子期间也应用温水早晚刷牙、餐后漱口,用普通牙刷,每次刷牙时间应达3分钟左右。受体内激素水平变化影响,女性月子期间口腔内的软组织比较敏感,刷牙时宜轻柔。(记者 朱丹华)(福州晚报(微博))>相关的主题文章: