World Cup European zone group of death opener Xi Qi – Sports – Italian duo victory

World Cup European zone: "group of death" opener   Xi Qi – Sports – Italian duo won the original title: Italy west hutch Qi victory Beijing yesterday morning, 2018 Russia world cup qualifiers first round continues, G group has started a "group of death", are hoping to win to top the group qualify directly by Spain and Italy both victory. Italy for West group leaders according to the format, the top 9 teams in the European qualifying for direct access to the World Cup finals qualification, 8 best scores of the second group to catch the play offs to fight, decide the 4 other places, therefore, in the G group’s matador in Spain and the Azzurri "the Italy team will compete for top the group to start the 10 round of the long contest. The Spanish team encountered the "belly", they start in the home court in 8 to 0 victory over Liechtenstein team, Diego Costa, Morata? And Silva scored 2 goals, Sergi and Roberto? Bittolo break, Norian holder staged assists hat trick". The Spanish team weak front, the phenomenon has changed, but partly because the opponent is too weak. The Italy team in the following after being sent off a classic counterattack, eventually away in the 3 to 1 victory over israel. Italy team super foreign aid Pelle two consecutive break, then assists the bench yinmobilai goal, Bonaventura won the penalty, Candreva kick hit. Next month, the Spanish team will direct confrontation with the Italy team this summer, the European Cup, the Azzurri had beat matador, the lineup and tactics of Italy team coach Ventura Conti should be a continuation of the former, and the Spanish team in the young coach Lopez Terje LED should complete the second round of the two teams met shake, very worthy of attention. Italy’s main defender Chiellini will be suspended for no war. The European World Cup "super Derby" in recent years, due to the influence of the super to increase his strength and continue to grow stronger, this summer, Turkey’s Yilmaz became the first goal in the European Cup super player, Augusto became the first gold in the Olympic Games of the super players. Yesterday, the Italy team and the team of Israel has also become the World Cup European zone qualifying first "super Derby" – Shandong Luneng striker Pele and striker Harvey are tied Guangzhou bodied starting directly against. Yesterday, Pelle is composed of Italy striker and Eder, with Harvey is the captain of the Israeli offensive and core. 1 goals and 1 assists Pelle is undoubtedly the ultimate winner, but Harvey has repeatedly sent threatening with the ball and finish 2 shots. Pelle recently popular, two consecutive national team made 3 goals, becoming Italy’s "strongest thigh, also in the name of foreign aid in how to play. In fact, unlike prior to joining Italy super star, Paley landed in the Super League Italy national team striker still holds the position of coach Ventura, he is very seriously: "he is very important for the team (pellet), he has high tactical value, and his own state is good. The only mark of my selection相关的主题文章: