World Cup reminder to shake hands with the coach Pei Laing was excluded from the team

World Cup reminder: to shake hands with the coach Pei Laing was excluded from the roster [the primary] prediction analysis of European football: Macedonia vs Italy start time: 2016-10-10 02:45 injury summary: Italy? Playing for the Shandong Luneng Italy striker Pelle of Spain progressive Wuwei, was half-way off when very angry, refuse to shake hands with the boss Ventura, the Italy media said on Macedonia when he will be excluded. Analysis of hunting ball: FUN88 9.50 5 1.28 FUN88: first for the instant: 10 5.60 1.25 Macedonia? The 2018 World Cup qualifiers in 2 stages, the first stage of 52 teams divided into 9 groups to carry out a double round robin, the top of the group directly qualify for the World Cup finals, and the 8 well the second group is to draw a knockout, decide the final 4 promotion places. The game is the third qualifying round of the European qualifying group G, Macedonia against Italy. Macedonia ranked 146th in the world, the world’s top ranked opponents in Italy, the strength gap between the two sides of the thirteenth. Macedonia is? Europe Division a easy, Europe only ranked seventh countdown, at present accumulates 0 points ranked fifth in the G group temporarily. ? in the first round of qualifying was lost to 1-2 in Albania, in the second round of the Macedonian home court 1-2 lost to Israel, or a heavy blow to the morale of the team. ? as lineup, Macedonian midfielder played for Serie A club Palermo Telayikefusiji, he helped the team scored in the last round of Serie A 1 equaliser, the last 4 rounds into the 3 ball, the individual state is quite good. At the same time, he is also the only one in Macedonia from the five major league players, Macedonia overall strength is not good. Italy? With striker G. Pelle, midfielder Candreva and backup for striker yinmobilai their accomplishment score, the first round of Italy cup with a 3-1 win over Israel made a good start, but since some radical fans in Italy in the opening ceremony before the Nazi, FIFA at the Italy Football Association fined 27000 euros. ? it is worth mentioning that the first round of Italy group early in the second half period for defender Chiellini red off and outnumbered, but the 10 hit 11 but forced a stronger defensive back Italy, this stunt is amazing. ? group second round, Italy and Spain home court 1-1 draw, although Buffon’s failure to make Italy conceded the lead but the last time they launched a counter attack, there is still a chance to break the equaliser after. Even if the original? Coach Conti went to England, but subsequently appointed coach G. Ventura’s experience is even higher than the former poor past, while in Turin, he also known as the 3-5-2 style of play, and this is the Italy seamless connection. The ball game data: Macedonia? Macedonia last 3 games in all competitions losing streak. Macedonia’s last 4 home games相关的主题文章: