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Wu Tianjun suspected of serious disciplinary investigation last week was the original title: Standing Committee of Henan Wu Tianjun alleged serious disciplinary investigation of Henan Province, former Secretary of politics and Law Committee of Beijing morning news (reporter Zou Le) yesterday, the Commission’s official website news, the original Henan Provincial Committee, Secretary of politics and law Committee Wu Tianjun alleged serious violation of discipline, the organization is currently undergoing investigation, Wu Tianjun defeated the Henan Provincial Committee last week. The Congress of Henan province held this month at the beginning of the opening ceremony, Wu Tianjun is still the rostrum. But it was his last public appearance. In Wu Tianjun’s political career, he was twice in power in Zhengzhou. In May 2011, he was transferred from Xinxiang Zhengzhou Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, acting mayor, October of Henan Provincial Committee and acting mayor of Zhengzhou in December, was appointed secretary of the Henan provincial Party committee, commission of politics and law. But in February 2012, he was appointed secretary of the Zhengzhou municipal Party committee. Wu Tianjun is following the Henan Provincial People’s Congress Party Secretary Qin Yuhai, Henan provincial Party committee, former Secretary of the Luoyang Municipal Committee of the third tigers after the """. Henan is also the central inspection teams to patrol back look after the first tiger. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: