Wuhu stone for a father and son trapped the mountain night police emergency rescue vstart

Wuhu stone for a father and son trapped the mountain night police emergency rescue in Wuwei County recently, a high school student to collect mountain stone, unexpectedly trapped the mountain. His father went to the rescue, but also trapped in the mountains, not down the mountain. Inaction police received help, the night up the mountain, and finally rescued two people. More than 7 points that night, Wuwei County Liu Du District police station duty police received a middle-aged woman calls, said the husband and son were trapped mortar hill, not down. Police on duty first on the phone to appease her mood, let her keep calm, don’t ask her to the mountain, the police drove to the mountain in the mortar and report to supervisor, request the fire brigade reinforcements. The police arrived at the foot of the hill, the alarm women eagerly ran over and said: "my husband and son were trapped on the top of the mountain, get down, you must think of ways to save them!" The police asked the local people, the south face due to previous years, fried mountain stone, into the road, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, to the mountain, from the southwest side of a mortar mountain path has been abandoned for many years, snaking around the mountain, we can reach the top of the hill. The police through field visits, the basic negative probability of the use of large rescue equipment, with flashlight irradiation the mountain wall, shouting, but heavy night empty in the valley, only the echo in spreading. Police decided to walk on the way, the night boarded the peak, rescue. In a local people under the guidance of the rescue police began to go to the top of the mountain, along the way they break at the same time, loudly asked father and son trapped position. Finally on the hillside at a platform, the police surprise, from the side of the mountain on the wall over the flashlight beam irradiation. "The man found it!" The police moved immediately to the light, and loudly told the trapped don’t move, waiting for rescue. The mountain becomes more and more steep, more and more narrow way, finally almost no way to go, the police finally found the trapped son, found here is covered with grass, the road completely sealed, look down from the top of the hill, could not see where the road next to the cliff, once the wrong step, will fall into the valley. The police ran out of wood, open up a rescue channel, successfully rescued the father and his son. After understanding, trapped in Europe is a middle school in Wuwei County a high school student, he told the police, their usual hobby is collecting stones, this is to climb the hill for the stone mortar, the results did not expect not only himself trapped mountain, also joint father trapped. The police education after he must pay attention to their own safety, not alone to climb the wild hills, small Europe is nodded. Ma Zhengchao Ni Xusheng Zheng Tianxiang, the original title: find the stone and son trapped mountain police night mountain emergency rescue editor: Nie Jing相关的主题文章: