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Xi Murong "Chen Daoming" the inheritors of nostalgia like Zhuang Zhaojun manual entertainment Sohu   the famous Peking Opera artist Yu Kuizhi, Li Shengsu Sohu of Beijing satellite TV entertainment news program "large cultural heritage of China image" since its launch, because it uses a unique way to inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture and widely praised by the audience. This Sunday night, and a wave of famous cultural circles "class" artist "will debut the China image" heritage stage, everlasting Heritage Classic, lit the light. A generation of people suffering! Xi Murong De Dema of the Yu Kuizhi Li Shengsu tearful nostalgia everlasting classic poet Xi Murong mentioned, many people first thought is that her song popular "nostalgic". However, how many people know that the text transfer across the Strait people suffering homesickness literature, or a Mongolian wanderer, she crossed the Strait, Hongdong, was missing for a long time to leave home moved to tears of the text, including the song still can poke the point of tears in Mongolia song "father the grassland and River". In the period of "the image" China inheritance, this song author Xi Murong, a famous Mezzo Soprano singer De Dema, together with the first world Mongols when will sing prairie Teana, tells the story of drifting out of the grassland people eager to embrace their roots, simple feelings. Xi Murong and De Dema, is how to create this classic works for many years? When this, the longtime close friend why tears? The same has sung and the Beijing Opera "four Lang Tan mu in the Taiwan Strait". The famous Peking Opera artist Yu Kuizhi, Li Shengsu, will this 100 sing not bad classic "to the image of" the inheritance Chinese stage, touching song Liao history before the hero tears, a couple of wits. Two cooperation more than and 20 years of performing artists, with their full understanding, interpretation of more than 200 years ago, a masterpiece, in this regard, the four literary observers will be how evaluation? They will reveal what "homesickness" in touching the quintessence of Chinese culture? This "Zhaojun" is a bit strong"! Chen Daoming praised Zhu Dan himself came to imitate the "try" Zhaojun ChuSai is a thousand years, for having heard it many times touching story. If this will display the Chinese love with history, represented by the dance form, and will give the audience a different visual experience? In the period of "the image" Chinese heritage program, Chinese opera on stage again, with a dance show the mentality of their eyes on Zhaojun, showing the hero "the desert cold beauty without resentment" fresh image with beautiful body language. Watching "tears" Zhu Dan, once again the works are deeply convinced that in the historical story is unable to extricate themselves. Chen Daoming said he was playing Zhaojun dancer Tang Shiyi’s performance attracted, and launch the program for the first time since the thumbs up, "Tang Yi" robust "manual point of praise". Not only that, Chen Daoming also encouraged the side of the Tang Dynasty took to the Tang Dynasty to learn the elegant style of the movement, learning some of the hard work of Zhu Dan.相关的主题文章: