Xi’an home court case fans now more from the fake Trinidad country foot chase money dashuipiao (vide minmi

Xi’an home court case fans now more from the fake Trinidad country foot chase money dashuipiao October 6th at 5:30 in the afternoon, in accordance with the agreement in Shaanxi fans artikujt Stadium East Gate (Front Gate) and Jiang Peiguo met, just met shortly they got together play ball, holding tickets, Arabic or not comes to Jiang Peiguo telling yourself "experience:" ordinary "buying tickets are too expensive, 380 are sold to more than 1200, I managed to spend 800 dollars to buy a ticket, the ticket price was 1800." Jiang Peiguo is a super fans wave orange association president, heard the price is a bit surprised, casually said: "the elder brother, I see your tickets, tickets cheaper ah, you heard it appear." Arvin took out the ticket, and then Jiang Peiguo through formal channels to obtain tickets in contrast: paper, including color, anti-counterfeit labels are similar, but a careful look at the problem came out. Logo is not too different, and then touch up, marking the formal channels of Jiang Peiguo tickets have obvious lines, but the ticket anti-counterfeiting mark artikujt from a scalper very smooth, look again carefully, anti-counterfeit labels are printed. Arvin hastened to the security staff of the query, Syria war, all the people will have admission security code scanning, such as when the reporter admitted, after scanning the security code, reporters all information are clearly displayed on the machine, the fans are relatively simple, but still can clearly identify the authenticity. A few minutes later, the results came out: it spent 800 yuan to buy a ticket, is a fake ticket. "2300 kilometers follow, cost 6800 yuan, is a fake ticket ruined" has been more than and 50 year old Irwin was in Yichun, Heilongjiang province in Yichun, may be a lot of fans know this name, but not necessarily know what specific places, open Chinese map, Yichun is located in the northeast of Harbin, only more than and 300 km from the Russian border. The basic China belongs to the most remote places. Arabic football has been nearly 30 years, because of Yichun’s remote location, plus the previous traffic inconvenience, Arvin has not been able to China national team to the scene of refueling, 2009, Lindu Airport opened, but after that, Chinese national team has been very bad, this time, China team after 15 years to return to the world cup, over the years fifty artikujt decided to the site for the Orangemen refueling, just take advantage of this opportunity to take a walk. Arvin chose a four flight route: go, fly from Yichun to Beijing, and then fly from Beijing to Xi’an and back, among them, the Yichun ticket to Beijing nearly 900 yuan, Beijing ticket to Xi’an thousands of yuan, the whole journey, only the ticket costs nearly 4000 yuan, because coincides with the National Day Golden week, Xi’an housing prices generally increased by 2 times or even 3 times a night to three hundred or four hundred dollars, plus dinner, the whole trip cost not less than 6000 yuan, this is not the shopping expenditure. After arriving in Xi’an, Arabic first in Xi’an around the turn, he was scheduled to go in October 6th, then come back to see the ball, but thought Arvin still worried miss the game, so.相关的主题文章: