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Xi’an will welcome the strongest winter cool weather is expected to ease the haze siege – Beijing haze in the edifice. Xi’an, November (Xinhua Yuan Chang) 18 days of air quality is too bad, take a breath and feel sore throat." Xi’an citizens Wu Lin said, I do not know when to continue haze. 18, Xi’an Municipal Meteorological Bureau said that since the city will usher in the winter the most cool rain and snow, fog and haze lasted for many days will disappear. Since entering in November, the ancient capital of Xi’an suffered continuous fog and haze, and the implementation of a limited number of days of motor vehicles. 17, 2009, the Xi’an air quality index was up to 307, for serious pollution, the city started heavy pollution weather II emergency response, requiring kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions to stop outdoor activities. Serious air pollution, leading to the surge in major hospitals in Xi’an. Reporters on the 18 in Xi’an high tech hospital found that respiratory diseases are mostly poor resistance to the elderly and children. The child wears a mask every day, the result is still coughing, and today he took a quick look at a disease." Accompanied by a child to see a doctor who said that the past few days, she also felt the lungs began to suffer. The reporter saw at the Xi’an East Street, the shops are usually streams of people busily coming and going, but slightly deserted. Xie Fang, a clothing store sales staff, told reporters that the past few days to reduce the number of people shopping, the store also canceled the original plan of field promotions. "The weather is bad, the business is getting worse, and I’m looking forward to the wind to blow away the haze." Xie Fang said. Xi’an Municipal Meteorological Bureau released on the 18 day, the next few days, Xi’an will usher in a strong cooling weather, the highest temperature drop of 10 degrees celsius. Affected by cold air, the haze weather continued for several days the city will disappear. This news makes the local people are very happy, the netizen "brain opened Jun said:" cool is not the point, everyone is delivered from oppression would most like to see." According to the Xi’an meteorological observatory released the latest announcement, affected by the cold air from the North South and southwest, is expected in November 21st to 24, the city will have a strong cooling, blowing snow, weather process. 21 days to 22 days, the city is expected to have small to moderate rain or sleet, the cooling process of 8 to 10 DEG C. The lowest temperature appears in 23 to 24 in the morning, the city -2 degrees Celsius, the southern mountains around -4 degrees celsius. The cooling period with 4-5 northerly winds. Xi’an Municipal Meteorological Bureau said that the weather process in Xi’an since the beginning of winter this year once the strongest cooling, suggested that the relevant departments to do defense work in advance, especially to prevent the adverse effects caused by snow and rain on traffic safety. At the same time, people go out attention to warm cold, to guard against the cold. (end)相关的主题文章: