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Xiangfang District of Harbin City, strictly crack down Luantie graffiti illegal behavior in new network on 8 October, Harbin (Wu Changlin) recently, Xiangfang District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau received a report from the masses with multiple wall spraying "the city badge ticket witness payment" for false advertising is near Xiangfang District Hongye street. Law enforcement officers immediately arrived at the scene, the advertisement is spraying the "rotten hand claw" the man was arrested on the spot. Law enforcement officers in the men’s belongings seized for spraying tool. Upon inquiry, the man surnamed Meng, Bayan County, 20 year old unemployed. He has been sprayed in the vicinity of a number of ads on the wall. Law enforcement officers ordered to immediately remove the sprayed advertising and handed over to the public security organs. Eventually, the man was in violation of the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" fifty-second paragraph 1, subject to administrative detention for 7 days punishment. Since the beginning of this year, Xiangfang District Law Enforcement Bureau to intensify the fight against illegal scribbling efforts, until now, has been transferred to the police 7 people, 4 people in administrative detention, call down 1015 units, through the law enforcement staff of unremitting efforts, the urban environment significantly improved.

哈尔滨市香坊区从严打击乱贴乱画不法行为   中新网哈尔滨10月8日电(吴昌林)日前,香坊区行政执法局接到群众举报有人正在香坊区鸿业街附近多处墙体上喷涂“本市办证章票见证付款”等字样的办理假证广告。执法人员立即到达现场,将正在喷涂广告的“烂手爪子”男子当场抓获。执法人员在该男子随身携带的物品中查获了用于喷涂的工具。   经询问,该男子姓孟,为巴彦县人,现年20岁,无业。他已经在附近多处墙体上喷涂广告。执法人员责令其立即清除所喷涂的广告并移交至公安机关。最终,该男子因违反《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》第五十二条第一项之规定,受到行政拘留7天的处罚。   年初以来,香坊区执法局加大了打击乱贴乱画违法行为的力度,截止目前,已移送公安机关7人,行政拘留4人,电话报停机1015台,通过执法人员的不懈努力,城区环境显著提升。相关的主题文章: