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Xinjiang Hoboksar border village of "information hut" – Xinjiang Channel – in Xinjiang Hoboksar Mongol Autonomous County Iron ursanic Chagan Adel buchen Xiang Ge Cun, a 15 square meters of the house, placed on the table 12 learning with a tablet computer and 5 point reading machine. The border village, which borders Kazakhstan and has a 45 km border, is the place most of the nomads’ children want to go home after the weekend. Check the village of Adel, who lives in the 138 Mongolian people, they all year round to animal husbandry industry, in the depths of the mountains in the summer grazing, winter back to the village to settle. Due to the geographical location is remote, herdsmen income is low, amateur cultural life is monotonous. Earlier this year, the State Grid Tacheng power supply company living in the village working group spent more than 5 yuan to buy a tablet computer and learning machine. Pastoral children in the holidays is to help the family grazing, in fact, they have a strong desire for knowledge. Buy these electronic devices to allow children to enrich the knowledge of the remote education system, while herders can also query the stock market online." September 28th, the working group leader Fu Shiyong said in an interview with reporters. Such an extraordinary facility for a Xinjiang border village, but has a special meaning. Here is not only the children of pastoral areas to learn knowledge, but also to understand the outside world herders window. In Fu Shiyong’s view, this is just the beginning, with advanced ideas and techniques to guide, to help farmers improve income, enhance happiness index, is the expected goal. Since the beginning of this year, the national network of Tacheng power company Village working group living in the villages, they actively coordinate, invested more than 20 yuan, set up a line of communication optical fiber for the village, help are willing to install the network TV Access Project 58 herdsman implementation of network TV households, completely solve the village people see on TV, not on the network problem. At the same time, the introduction of their excellent school from Zhejiang learning platform, and combined with the distance education, open the "poverty first Fu Chi" mode by Internet plus education, with scientific and cultural knowledge helping herders and their children. Fiber into the village is not only to solve the problem of life and entertainment, herders have access to more information, ideas are more open. Next we will consider the development of the local economy through the internet." Fu Shiyong told reporters, in Chagan village camel breeding Adel lattice development projects are in the pipeline, the mainland provinces camel milk processing enterprises have to visit the site, after the project was officially launched, will significantly enhance the income of herdsman. It is understood that the State Grid Tacheng power supply company living in the village, has helped the villagers to complete the pilot courtyard economy, water diversion project construction. Fu Shiyong said: "in the future to bring more herdsmen poverty is one of the focus of our work, we have the confidence to do it, do these pieces of work." (Yang Jie) (MA Bingqian: commissioning editor (Intern), Han Ting)相关的主题文章: