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Xiong Dailin as a director to make a marriage for purchase of 10 million luxury Xiong Dailin Guo song cohabitation two contrast Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, 50 year old Aaron Kwok and not let love die in small square yuan good girlfriend, 35 year old Xiong Dailin the first step earlier this month and Kenix Kwok has a net worth of 400 million yuan for the younger brother Guo song registration of marriage, 2 people are reporting the occupation director, Xiong Dailin responded: "happy happy! Happy! Not so fast, apply for approval, within 3 months can get married." They have signed in Hongkong bought 83 million Taiwan dollars (about 18 million yuan) of the house when the love nest, began to live life, the day before yesterday, Mrs. Wang finally get married, but also the "Mrs. guo". The communication between Xiong Dailin and Aaron Kwok in the past 7 years has never been publicly acknowledged, it broke up because she loved Aaron Kwok reluctantly and can not integrate into the circle of friends, and Aaron Kwok comments on her broker kenny. Broke up shortly after the Aaron Kwok scandal continues at the end of last year, 28 yuan in the red net. The day before yesterday, Aaron Kwok in Hongkong over a series of 15 concerts, Party yuan to "king of woman" attitude to attend at least 8 games behind the final in front of Aaron Kwok also called the 4 seat girlfriend "I Love You" show of affection, said "I want to get married. He wanted to release wedding message. However, Xiong Dailin moves faster than he, with Aaron Kwok after breaking up at the end of last year, she first posted with Guo song wear shoe lovers foot close-up, back in 2013 after the break, Aaron Kwok with "the shoes do not fit for the word". The 38 year old million mansion cohabitation Guo song inherited his father plastic career, although divorced, but the family business career, who is also the director of 5 companies in Hongkong, held 90 million yuan NT luxury, expensive. Bought NT $83 million mansion in Hongkong, North Point high before the registration is Guo song Xiong Dailin and 2 common name, the mansion at the top, beautiful Seaview panoramic view. In March, Xiong Dailin exposes the boyfriend on the 3 carat diamond ring to marry him, planned to get married in December. In September 5th Xiong Dailin disclosed yesterday has applied for registration of marriage with Guo song, 2 people reporting the occupation are directors, the same address is located in north of the apartment, that premarital cohabitation love. She said yesterday at the beginning of November after the filming will the wedding, she asked whether the wedding do in the family home in Nanjing and Hongkong? Xiong Dailin said: it has not been discussed, what day does not matter, it is important that Mr. Right, the day will tell you." Xiong Dailin height 179 cm, 1 higher than Guo song head, was outside banter, but she did not take it seriously, in the micro-blog Po Guo song according to fitness, praise him "good man"!相关的主题文章: