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Yang Jianghua aspiring director of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau has anti airborne Dongguan success – Beijing Dayang in 27 of the fourteen Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the fifty-sixth meeting, a series of personnel appointment matters submitted for consideration, which involves four important functions of "change": Yang Jianghua was appointed to the Guangzhou municipal public security bureau fan; group drew appointed as the director of the Education Bureau of Guangzhou city; Tao Zhenguang was appointed to the director of the Guangzhou City Administration Committee; don Xiaoping was brought to the appointed director of the Guangzhou municipal planning commission. These personnel matters will be on the morning of 28 votes. Yang Jianghua aspiring Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police from the experience, the provincial public security department worked for 30 years in Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau Director Xie Xiaodan was relieved of duty at the same time, the incumbent party secretary, director of Guangdong Provincial Department of justice Jiang Hua was appointed to the Yang Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau secretary. The 56 year old Yang Jianghua is Guangdong hill, Zhongshan University postgraduate, MBA senior management. He from the police experience, for many years engaged in the work of public security, the Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Province Office for 30 years, after the Provincial Public Security Bureau of economic investigation, criminal investigation, narcotics and other major business departments, and served as deputy director, Department of economic investigation department director, pre narcotics Bureau, criminal investigation bureau and other duties. In April 2000, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department office director Yang Jianghua, the secret rate of staff rushed to Jieyang, together with the Jieyang public security, every Duandiao is located in Jiexi County of manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens, counterfeit money case cracked billion yuan. In the anti drug chief, Yang Jianghua uncovered several major cases of drug trafficking, he advocated the use of modern management methods and management of drug-related personnel, establish a "can be found, control is maintained, hit" anti drug information system, has therefore been dubbed the "general" of the name. In addition, Yang Jianghua is an expert in criminal investigation. In the Criminal Investigation Bureau office for more than 5 years, he participated in a large number of major cases detection and command work. 2011 to 2013, the Guangdong provincial public security police repeatedly broke the heavy telecommunications fraud in the country and even the international influence. In Dongguan performance for more than a year has made remarkable achievements in February 2014, Dongguan anti vice storm, Yang Jianghua stepped in, "airborne" in Dongguan, director of the vice mayor of Dongguan Municipal People’s government office, the municipal public security bureau. During one year and two months, Yang Jianghua worked in Dongguan, its achievements: first, with nearly a year’s time, to apply for new, off-site use of the police, serious accountability, the introduction of new regulations, Dongguan jurisprudence obtained from the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong province "thorough rectification" approval; followed by active overweight and to the open road, and, in the six special combat campaigns, won the Provincial Department of public security, the Guangdong provincial government has been awarded the collective merit awards, three at the same time, effectively safeguarding the security and stability of Dongguan. April 2015, approved by the provincial Party committee: Yang Jianghua, the Guangdong Provincial Department of the Party committee, Secretary of provincial Party committee members, the Provincial Bureau of prisons as the first political commissar, and nominated for the Provincial Justice Minister. In the media impression, Yang Jianghua extremely low-key. He had hardly received a face-to-face interview相关的主题文章: