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Yang Zishan starred in "lush" film director style "soil" [Abstract] Yang Zishan in director Li Ruijun’s film "the future" by Li Ruijun is a frequent guest, the three major European Film Festival, his work is "home in the lush green place". The first film art film style is very old-fashioned, and netizens ridicule "pursuit". According to the time of network reported on November 8th the actor Yang Zishan drying out a set of social platforms for their birthday video, also officially exposure of his new film "passing the future", the film director Li Ruijun is a three major European Film Festival, his works are "home in the lush green place". Cast as Yang Zishan’s birthday, she is shot with a back to the camera stand in the ATM before the money play, because of what was happening behind her husband Wu Zhongtian, absolutely ignorant of, including relatives and friends have picked up the birthday blessing banner came from the front of the camera, but Yang Zishan is still in acting, afterwards received a surprise when she complained: "you sweet these crooks know, ten thousand dollars to the number of times the number for how long? Look at the face of surprise to forgive you, thank you, moved ing……" Yang Zishan in the film the other from the video can also be seen in the drama, Yang Zishan is a young woman about other Township feeling, is a look at this big literary piece, people laugh this way then play in a number of flowers in a little special "," the pursuit of". It is reported that "passing the future" tells the story of a white collar back home in Shenzhen after a series of stories. Project scenario shows: Yang Yaoting was born in Shenzhen, grew up in Gansu, in addition to identity cards she has never been to Gansu. Now working in Shenzhen for more than and 20 years, the parents decided to return to Gansu rural home life, Yang Yaoting saw his parents in the village life is not satisfied, she wants to through their own efforts to get parents to take back the life in Shenzhen. At present, the works of Yang Zishan "inventory" also with Huang Bo, Xu Jinglei movie "memory master", alongside Mark starring "Antarctic juelian", and Zheng Kai joined the TV drama "haven’t met in a long time.".相关的主题文章: