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Yatai relegation hero, super team was much loot, worth while salary skyrocketing – Sohu sports super final round Yatai relegation battle, is by virtue of Shuai goal, Yatai finally defeats Shenhua landed in the last round of League success. After the war, Pei Shuai once again in the super fame. At present, there are many more clubs will be included in the list of big signings Pei Shuai. As early as 5 years ago, only 18 years old Shuai in Changchun Yatai home court and Guangzhou Hengda game, complete lore help defeat Hengda Yatai, which let Shuai a famous battle. This year Pei Shuaicai was just promoted to the first Team Yatai, Shuai is many people are optimistic about. It is because of the excellent performance in the super, Pei Shuai quickly get used in the national youth team, and scored a goal in the National Youth competition. The perfect occupation career start, let Shuai began some smug. Pei Shuai later, he is also very frankly admitted, after winning some of their own Hengda, so that he made mistakes!" In October 2015, the Olympic team and the Egyptian Olympic team in Chenzhou, Changsha play two warm-up match, according to the sponsor at the time of the disclosure, Shuai began Poser team in Chenzhou, dissolution, Shuai return ticket several days without retention, and sponsors reimbursement for Changchun head back to class ticket, which was later accused to Chinese Football Association vice chairman, in charge of football Guozihao party secretary Wei Jixiang, Pei Shuai therefore punished, the Olympic list also excluded him. This matter thoroughly awakens Shuai, he seemed to become a lot of calm. This season under Li Zhangzhu’s advice, Shuai more than once a linchpin of the Team Yatai Yatai, help scored the 3 goal, to get a full 7 points, once again this reflects the value of shuai. Outstanding performance in Thailand, naturally attracted a lot of attention to the team. It is reported that after the end of the league, Shenhua and the right to health are deliberately introduced into the promising youngster. The 23 year old Shuai indeed there is still much room for growth. The current block is leave Shuai Yatai lion big openings, due to the performance in the League to Pei Shuaibiao brisk, Yatai transfer prices close to 100 million yuan. The right to health took 70 million from Liaozu goalkeeper Zhang Ludou, buy a Shuaihua Pei billion not very normal? Is not the Yatai on domestic market is rising! It is reported that Pei Shuai for their transfer salary requirements are not a small figure, the price has gone up, the salary will rise! Early in the final round of the league, I Shuai sent micro-blog revealed that the future will leave Yatai, culture and ultimately become the Yatai, leave a lot before leaving for a fee Yatai, such a result should be is a good choice for Thailand, Pei Shuai! The WeChat public "McCain ball brother" original, micro signal: bao5201849 this note source!相关的主题文章: