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You can rest assured that the recharge faith   PS4  Slim and PS  Neo price exposure — game time has entered in September, from the new SONY PlayStation conference has only a week, and at the conference on the most high-profile was PS4 Slim and PS Neo two new host. Today, the Wall Street journal, the Japanese reporter Takashi Mochizuki exposed the price of PS4 Slim and PS Neo, the former $299, which is $399. From the price point of view, PS4 Slim and PS4 is now flat, and there was news that when the PS4 Slim market, PS4 Standard Version of the host will be fully discontinued. On the other hand, the price of PS Neo is consistent with the PS4 just listed, taking into account the 4K resolution game performance and better support for PS VR, it is also worth upgrading the core players. Currently, the appearance of PS Slim, the performance has been fully exposed, it will use a more compact design, the basic hardware specifications and PS4 remain consistent, but the processor performance has been slightly enhanced. The PS Neo is still in a state of complete secrecy, in the end what kind of appearance and performance, only to the press conference will be able to know the answer.   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: